Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 7- Warriors vs Cowboys Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I feel like chucking it in as fan so dismal was the performance. Last time I said that though some fan on this message board who has been on board since 1995 said "never give up". So I won't give up but will dial back how much I intensely attach to the team so it doesn't hurt so much. I have never seen such an error riddled performance by any team in any sporting code.
It’s not a NRL squad. There’s probably 10 tops, actual NRL players in the club.
I agree, theres no depth, theres noone who will be a better replacement for players who arent up to standard or are out of form

How the hell have we got a rookie and a centre playing halves, all we are missing is a veteren who wouldnt be picked first in most other teams.
How did the Warriors get to this point, they had a big chunk of the off season to find a half
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