Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 3 - Manly vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
NRL 2019 - Round 3 - Manly vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
What a Shit Sandwich that game was!

Bunty coming on and showing us what a prop running hard looks like just made it worse. Next time he should have the common decency to be as pathethic as his buddies.
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Nov 10, 2014
Johnson always goes missing when you need him and Lisone don’t get me started on him.

In all seriousness Burr was great and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Green tried hard, beyond that it was an awful performance. I expected us to be average to poor on attack but our defence is woeful. Could be a very long season if we can’t improve quickly.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
You guys do realize that the Warriors have almost zero sweet combos at play during the games. Luke passed to Blair, who offloaded back to him for a try. Other than that it was all just catch and pass, under 10s level footy.

Remember back in 11, when Malone would run off Mateo's offloads, and find huge swaths of open pasture to run into? Well those days are long gone.

Or even that back line move last year that Shaun Johnson used to operate? What were they thinking? That Kata would pass the ball and the sea would part? It's lunacy at work here.
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Mar 19, 2015
That was.......well......uhm........less than great

Seriously I don't care if we play a team full of reserve graders next few weeks (wouldnt be any different than today hurr), just take a knife to the whole fucking team, playing in the NRL is a fucking privilege and these fuckers dont deserve it.

The team should feel absolute and total shame, but they probably dont, because theyre getting paid hundreds of thousands to barely give a fuck and thats if they feel like it.

Every time I see Jizz Tevenga on my screen I want to punch it, the dude doesnt have the skill or physic to play for the local A grade.

Kearney is just comfortable in his long ass contract so I doubt he'll take this abhorrent performance too seriously. Sack him and get Geoff Toovey, atleast Tooves has the balls to make a tough decision.

Or go poach a coach from the super league, jesus just do something, you cant act like today was even remotely acceptable from a "professional" sports team.

Jersey is going in the bottom of the closet for the year where it belongs

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