Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 2 - Tigers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion (2 Viewers)

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1st Grade Fringe
Aug 18, 2013
It’s all a bit surreal. It can’t have been us in that blue and white strip coz it was a totally different team to last week’s. Every player had morphed into that horror-show version of the Warriors from a couple of years back.....and the team in black strip scoring all the points. Shouldn’t that have been us? Just too weird.
Yeh it was like a nightmare from circa 2015-2017 or something, I tried to wake up but I couldn't ....
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1st Grade Fringe
Sep 8, 2013
Outplayed by Grandad and fossil a la Robbie and Ben

Interested what excuse Cameron Gerorge will come out with


1st Grade Fringe
May 21, 2012
Haven't had a chance to watch the game yet but unfortunately saw the score ! How did Lisone go, should have been starting reserve grade I thought from f#cking round 1 ?? Couldnt believe the love he got last week after one game.


1st Grade Fringe
Dec 15, 2018
Burr spilling the ball in contact early started the rot.

Lisone coming on killed any chance of winning. Stepping over the tackled player shows that he'll take shortcuts wherever possible.

Luke throwing a spiral pass to Hiku above his head was a momentum killer.

Just a clusterfuck of mistakes and the ISP team got thrashed so there won't be any players from the reserves that are demanding selection.
Burr and Lisone were bad, but so was everyone else nobody looks good in a badly beaten team. Burr makes one mistake and gets pulled for the game, Blair and Harris practically nonexistent, Shaun must be happy he dodged this one, probably still his fault though lol

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