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1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2016
Everyone has already said it but I'll say it too - why does this club keep persisting with Lisone?

He isn't a young, raw talent full of potential. He has shown his hand and it ranges from average at best to mediocre at worst.

Just when I think he's gone for good last season, he's reared his dumb head again!


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 5, 2014
Not good enough.

Glad tho to get this sort of performance out of the way.

False sense of security after last week - Bulldogs were shit house.

Errors fucked us. Heads dropped.

Tigers put in points after those errors and a few reffing blunders.

The errors though - we literally gave the ball away esp in the 2nd half.

Boys stopped doing the little things - diving onto loose balls, committing in defence, playing to the whistle.

As soon as the initial blunder occurred the boys heads dropped, hands on hips.

Discipline dropped - looking at Lisone and Blair.

Edge defence bad - Fusitua out of position twice is foolish.

Halves didn’t control the game - Green predictable and AK scared.

Luke - ordinary season debut as you’d expect after no preseason or trial games. Had no choice tho without Roache (injury).

Just gave ourselves no chance to win - handing over opportunities which the Tigers jumped on.

We made the Tigers looked good - like the Bulldogs made us look good last week.

Key is next week. Manly in Christchurch.

Got to get it.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
Burr spilling the ball in contact early started the rot.

Lisone coming on killed any chance of winning. Stepping over the tackled player shows that he'll take shortcuts wherever possible.

Luke throwing a spiral pass to Hiku above his head was a momentum killer.

Just a clusterfuck of mistakes and the ISP team got thrashed so there won't be any players from the reserves that are demanding selection.


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 4, 2016
How that eye Kata?

Hope it’s a good shinner because it cost us a try and changed the momentum of the game.
I thought he was trying to slow down the play. I don’t think he knows the new rules. But between that and his dummy half run at the line...

Key momentum killers were Klein’s try assist, and the two penalties from playing the ball a meter forward into the markers feet, Paasi not hearing the zero tackle call, and when Jazz and Bully kept pushing wide instead of settling and banking the metres and Hiku dropped it.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
I thought we started ok but didn't think we had much points in us so it would of needed a big defensive effort.

Some silly mistakes early were a worry. Pretty much everyone could see Kata was going to go from dummy half. Its usually a wasted tackle but this time he dropped it. That wasted a lot of effort getting up into field position.

Posters who have seen more of Burr mentioned he loses the ball in contact. Similar to the Kata dummy half run Burr coughed up possession on a simple hit up when we were finally building.

It would of been nice to start the season with a winning streak like last year. Have a feeling this will be a frustrating season probably go through it W L W L W L type of results.


1st Grade Fringe
May 15, 2014
I hate that those shit calls went against us.

We got thoroughly thumped and yet I feel screwed by the refs.

If they didn't suck then I'd just be sad, but I'm left sad and mad.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 10, 2014
No good way of putting this: a poor performance. And it totally squandered the great points difference we started with.

Lots of unforced errors, took me back the bad old days pre-Kearney, who at least has managed to iron out most of the previous years' fumbling only to see it blossom again tonight. Rain, yeah yeah, but it rained on both teams, and we were the ones with the butterfingers.

Low energy levels. This was not a fighting team tonight, don't know why.

Only possible consolation is that - just as we were lucky to run into an especially weak team in Round 1 (who were clocked again today) - maybe we were unlucky to run into one of this season's better teams in Round 2. But to be honest even I don't buy into that idea too much. On today's showing we would have been beaten by pretty much anyone.

And what was with that first half? Looked like both coaches reckoned, "See, they'll be expecting us to play structured football, so we'll surprise them and throw the ball around". Chaotic: we've got one of the better forward packs in the comp, a bit of structure would have gone a long way.

No point in bagging anyone in particular, poor effort all round, selections weren't the big issue, but that said there are a couple of people I wouldn't have next week.

Oh well, early in the season, odd stuff happens. Next week will be interesting - if we can't put away an 0 - 2 Seas Eagles, where are we?

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