Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 2 - Tigers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2019 - Round 2 - Tigers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
Wests Tigers vs New Zealand Warriors
Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney


Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 2 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Wests Tigers after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 7, 2015
What a reality check that was.

Head now fully pulled in.

Get your shit together boys.

Not impressed by that performance.

Nothing good to say.

Old habits are back and usual suspects are making the same dumb shit plays from the past.

SK tactics were amateurish. No pressure at all on the two players Benji or Farragut. Just stood there and watched them carve us up.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2012
Taught the importance of holding onto the ball today. Penalties inside our own half, sloppy passing.. Tigers were really solid, and just took what was given to them. Farah produced half their points.

If this is how they are going to play in wet weather, god help us (I'm not religious).

Lisone, back to his normal self unfortunately. You can't afford 1 of his errors/penalties today, we got 3 of them.

Wake up call for the boys here, shown up big time with solid football, that's it.


1st Grade Fringe
Nov 30, 2018
It’s all a bit surreal. It can’t have been us in that blue and white strip coz it was a totally different team to last week’s. Every player had morphed into that horror-show version of the Warriors from a couple of years back.....and the team in black strip scoring all the points. Shouldn’t that have been us? Just too weird.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
Lisone and Kata are just never going to be the players people want them to be and this team isn't good enough to carry excess stupid.

And can we please hurry up and find a proper winger to go with Fusitua, one who looks fast on the field, not just according to some trainers stopwatch in training.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
A missed opportunity to get a win away from home and get back to back wins. We dominated them in the trial and they really weren't that impressive in round one although they were playing in bad conditions.

Really not sure where our points are going to come from especially against the better sides. A bit of a reality check after last week.

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