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Aug 11, 2017
I was extremely impressed with Fainu the Manly hooker. Junior Kiwi I beleive. He could be a worthy target.
Won't happen. Pretty sure I've read an article about Fittler telling him he being looked at as a future NSW hooker, that's why he's chose tonga over the Kiwis.
So he'll stay in Australia.


1st Grade Fringe
May 18, 2012
He could. He is just playing in a shite system.
I call BS based on the only evidence we have which is RTS playing for the Warriors, Roosters and the Kiwis. The latter two are both great teams and yet RTS has only ever played wing or fullback and can't manage to be a support runner in any team..

Whereas Turbo has slot in at wing, fullback and centre with aplomb for Manly, NSW and the Kangaroos and shown the impetus to support his team mates and force a chance into an opportunity..

As good and inspiring as RTS, IMO he lacks the ability to make the players around him better by playing to their strengths instead of his own..


May 13, 2017
Mt. Smart
I thought SJ had probably his best game as a Shark, few good runs, linked well for the most part, defended well, and kicked well.

They say they can't understand why the Sharks arn't going so well, but if you look across their squad their is a lot of young fellas and especially in the middle.
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