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Raiders and Tigers game last night celebrating the Raiders 1989 premiership team.

They had some pretty similar stats between the two sides (1989, 2019). They were pretty similar except the current side are higher up on the table where the 89 side got up to 5th.

That was the game (89 Grand Final) that got me hooked.
Saw something recently and may have been Cronk talking about how things work at the Storm, was really interesting on the inner workings and the culture they have. You gotta ask why they actually signed Kata? He can't make the first team even when it is at halfish strength. How good would Brandon Smith be in your team.
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This year yet?
Been some blow out scores this weekend, most results going out way, only arguably the Dragons/Panthers game would have been better the other way
Tommy Turbo for mine. Incredible that he is only 22. Does everything. Support play is excellent for a fullback. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck wouldn't even register as a supporting player due to the game he's been asked to play at the Warriors.
After watching tonight its no contest, Turbos support play was something the Warriors havent had since Lock in 2011. His vision gets him into the gap and his size and speed get him through it, his passing is pretty good too after he has made the break or created numbers. Thats one thing I think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck struggles with, finding the target after he has made a break or created space

I think this is the best result for the Warriors, Manly have a tough run to the finals including the WArriors, Eels have the Warriors next week, If the Warriors beat the Eels they are 1 point away. So both Eels and Manly could potentially fall out of the 8 in a few weeks if the Warriors can beat the Eels and Manly, both which they are playing in the next 3 weeks
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