General NRL 2019 Round 17 - General Discussion

I fell asleep on the couch last night when the Knights game was 8-0 and was not looking that was going to change. Half woke up and saw Bulldogs 20 Knights 14 on the screen, then woke up to some other sport so thought I was dreaming.

Must of picked up the last 10-15 minutes.
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Man the way Manly and South's play fast flowing footy by throwing it around almost makes you forget that it's your team that's shit and not the sport.
Did anyone else notice that for at least 4 minutes during the second half, play was taking play while the clock was showing 27.30 minutes left in the second half. Manly should lodge a protest about the result if the second half went beyond 40 minutes.
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You mean there’s a game other than Cam Smiths 400th on this weekend?!?!
It's like a boxing card every other game is the under card for the main event.

Our co-main event went to a split decision and the judges had issues tallying up the scorecards. Left the big boys for the main event warming up in their dressing rooms.
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Might not be good for us next week unless it completely smashes the Sharks confidence. But this could look one of the big events where we usually end up feeling the wrath of the Storm. Think ANZAC Day or after their cap breaches got announced.