General NRL 2019 Round 17 - General Discussion

The start made me laugh. Used to Blocker having a go at teams, especially us when they take the two points. Must have been tired of the other commentators pointing out why its a good idea due what the teams will be thinking or what has happened.

First few minutes "It's a no brainer taking the two there, right next to the uprights".
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They've gone on a nice run facing severely depleted sides and haven't impressed doing it.

They're making up the numbers at best.

Meanwhile lol@foxsports trying to make it sound like the Knights were hard done by last week.

Jesus even though there's clear evidence of a 18 point deficit to us. I try to ignore this bias shit but it gets to ya you know.
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System reboot, see you all in '23.
Looking forward to Brown's presser.
Klein may have made a meal of explaining it, but he got it right in the end it was try and stuck to his guns. Gavet sin bin was deserved aswell, unnecessary dog shot that he wasn't committed to typical Gavet brain fade moment.