General NRL 2019 - Round 16 - Knights vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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This year yet?
Can anyone tell me why the siren didn't go off when the clock ticked zero? It was so before the penalty was blown so technically it should have been game over because he wouldn't have been able to play the ball. It just didn't go off. Funny that

Yup another one of the inconsistencies, was only a couple of weeks ago storm had a sleep on us with 5 secs left and it was fine


I'm not one for conspiracy/corruption theories but....,when a 'try' goes to the bunker as such, if the bunker is going to disagree they show multi-angles repeatedly to back up their decision to the extent that the commentators are begging them to get on with it. It was a refreshing change for them to decide so quickly that Ken's hatrick try was no good.:rolleyes:


Since the NRL are all about concussions and that Badger was a mere metre away from a dazed Hiku, that’s just poor form and pisses me off the most.
The excuse was a trainer had to call for them. WTF!!! He was right next to him and saw it.
Papalii was entitled to play that ball, he had got to his feet but had three defenders all over him. Should've been an instant penalty
Of course he did, but the clock was winding down, so wind down, rugby league IQ. The kid is a good player but seems like the rest to having any brains coached out of him.
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If the guys can take anything away from the game it was the change in playing style in the 2nd half that got them the win. SK - pleeeeeaaase stop this robotic non sensical one dimensional style you have had the guys playing prior to this.
The guys have shown this
they can mix it with the best without getting the result. Good teams win ugly too, hats off for for hanging in there and getting the win in challenging circumstances.


Blair was massive, forced a couple of turnovers and was instrumental in the plays that went Malo.
Yes he had some excellent moments, they stood out, because usually he does sweet fark all. At lest we know he can do it. A bit like having a Ferrari in the garage that you know can go fast, sometimes.
People have been calling for more play to go to Fusitua’ wing but based on tonight he’s just out of form/down on confidence. The try he gave away by not grounding a kick, the trash attempt at catching a bomb, the hesitation when he needed to pin his ears back and go for the corner. If we had another option I’d drop him for a week
Good idea, I agree, but CNK has gone to the Raiders. :rolleyes: ...there ain't no reserves worthy of the name.
Seriously why do you watch, if it makes you this unhappy when they win?
Because there are serious problems with this team, maybe even the club. Even the commentators are talking about it, the pundits are talking about it, a blind man can see it.

I don't think any of those tries were scripted, it was mainly Green and Nikorima taking matters into their own hands and playing football.

People rubbish Green, I don't know why. He is one guy who always earns his pay, same for Nikorima. Hopefully their attitude might rub off onto Blair because he played much better last night, but he has a lot more to offer and he better decide to do it because it is sudden death now.

Also people rubbish Hiku, sure he missed 3 tackles, but so did others, and he always does but so do other rock stars like James Maloney. He is dynamite on attack and that is one reason Fusitua is out of sorts this season, Pita has gone to help out Big Ken.

I don't think they are going to win another game. They showed last night what they can do when they have to. I doubt that will be enough in this competition.

I wanted them to lose because something has to be done about the coaching. These are good players with their ability being coached out of them. They are clearly well drilled in something, maybe the process, but the process has had enough time now and is proving to be nothing more than boring defensive football.

Rant over.


Nathan Brown is moaning saying that it was the Knights who got shafted by the ref. WTF!?

Lay off the Milky bars Nathan.

I watched it. He was careful and there were some shocking calls against them but like SK rightfully said they got away with a lot as well, just like last week. The referees are shite, of that there can be no doubt. The right team one, if in doubt read the bloody newspaper.
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I watched it. He was careful and there were some shocking calls against them but like SK rightfully said they got away with a lot as well, just like last week. The referees are shite, of that there can be no doubt. The right team one, if in doubt read the bloody newspaper.
1,804m vs 1,364m. 57% possession. The best team won but it shouldn’t have even been close.

If we lost with those stats it would really highlight the problems, as those stats should have set us up for a dominant 30+ point demolition job🤔
I gave it a P for pathetic, how ever it was a great laugh at times, joke of a team and not worth stressing about the bad calls.
We did get the worst of the bad calls but they did go both ways.

Was a new record set for the most tackles in an oppositions 20 without scoring? and was that a new club record for penalties given away by 1 player, lol, and we just gave him a nice new shiny contract, I bet its way overs.

This club is fucked, calling that game a cripple fight is insult to cripples.
You need to see a Psychiatrist if you think the brain cripple of a Coach is going to win anything other than the wooden spoon.
"A game of two halves."

In H1: we didn't seem to have much of a problem marching up the field. The Knights scored with their first attempt, and we were lucky that the team we faced had little to offer in attack. His departure lamented by some, Lino showed that he's pretty average. But our finishing...smh. Once more, all that effort to get there, for nothing. Some still don't like Hiku, but for me he was the only player who, when he had the ball, looked remotely likely to do the job.

In H2 - well, no-one can say that SK has lost the dressing room, since whatever he said worked. We re-discovered our mojo, we re-discovered how to score tries! Amazing! We had it all along, we just didn't know it. Kudos to Ken. There's no other player like him: at the top of the stats for metre-eating (post-contact) and try-scoring. Jazz - sorry, mate, I know your effort is great, but if you're gonna give 4 penalties away...

The bunker fouled-up, the refs made one massive blunder when Hiku went down, but otherwise I reckon it was fairly balanced. We had a heap of penalties and seemed to have no problem slowing down their play.

Hey, we won! The whole team played to win and we won, FFS!

Something a bit strange happened after the game. As there was only the one match, I got to see the players congratulating each other, signing autographs etc. The camera was on LAM and a few of the bro's, LAM with his back to it. Up walks Burr, pats on the back to everyone, team-mates react as you'd expect. Except for LAM - there was no bodily reaction at all. Maybe he's a master of the raised eyebrow Maori acknowledgement (tho he's not Maori), which couldn't be seen, and of course he's really quiet anyway. Maybe there was nothing in it, but it did look strange.
I Gave it an F, no attack, no forwards big enough to bend a blade of grass.Just one off running and they still fuck that up 50% of the time and worst of all no support play the Warriors have become the most boring team to watch something has to change quickly and it starts at the top .