Team List NRL 2019 Round 15 - Warriors vs Panthers TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Player Agent
1. Dylan EDWARDS - sponsored by Lendcorp
2. Josh MANSOUR - sponsored by Daily Press
3. Isaah YEO - sponsored by Volvo Cars Penrith
4. Brent NADEN - sponsored by AMA Event Management
5. Brian TO'O - sponsored by Fornari's Interior Linings
6. Jarome LUAI - sponsored by Soneta Plumbing
7. James MALONEY - sponsored by Tuff Mouthguards
8. James TAMOU (c) - sponsored by Signace
9. Mitch KENNY - sponsored by Hertz
10. James FISHER-HARRIS - sponsored by HIX Group
11. Viliame KIKAU - sponsored by Zoo Fitness
12. Frank WINTERSTEIN - sponsored by Chemtools
13. Liam MARTIN - sponsored by Stylus Blinds
14. Wayde EGAN - sponsored by Chardon & Abbott Home Loans
15. Reagan CAMPBELL-GILLARD - sponsored by Protech Locksmiths
16. Moses LEOTA - sponsored by Potter Automotive
17. Hame SELE - sponsored by Bidfood
18. Kaide ELLIS - sponsored by CETNAJ Wetherill Park/Rouse Hill
19. Malakai WATENE-ZELEZNIAK - sponsored by Worldwide Parramatta
20. Sione KATOA - sponsored by Fantastic Framing
21. Dean WHARE - sponsored by Brightside Music
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One gets all these surveys ex NRL/Warriors and always there are numerous opinions sought re communication to members from the club

In my view it is piss poor - why do we have to wait until team naming day to find for example that Harris will be out for 6 weeks having had an operation on a stress fracture in his foot when I at least thought he wasn't playing the test because of ongoing knee issues. The Titan's game was 2 weeks ago for god's sake!!!

Why would you want to let the opposition know in advance?
Take out Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and that could be the worst looking warriors team I've ever seen. I've liked what Jazz has done this year and at best deserves a bench spot but to fucking start him especially after the last game he had is a Shiite. Why is Ligi no longer in the picture the guy was dynamic the limited opps he got?? What the fuck has Lisone and Pulu done to deserve recalls, Blair for that reason as well?? We've gone so far backwards it's sickening. It wouldn't surprise me if we won this weekend. Go fucking warriors


Last year the run of play went Fusituas way and on here Maumalo was crap. This year it is going Kens way and now Fusitua is crap.

With fans like these you dont need oppositions.
Cannot agree at all. Anybody with half a brain could see that Big Ken was starved. Even the nice old lady who tackled SK about it at the members forum, and got a round of applause for doing so.

Actually to add to that if there is one thing that worries me about SK that cannot be explained it was that incident in the forum.

Was he shocked that somebody had the gall to question him?
Was he shocked that people thought Big Ken was getting starved of the ball?
Was he shocked that the best question of the night got such applause?
Was he being protective of Kata?

For the life of me I cannot figure which of those is the answer, but I will bet a dollar to a knob of goatshit that Wayne Bennett nor Craig Bellamy would have reacted like that.

Just saying like.
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