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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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The poster was known to be very skilful but mentally weak. Go figure. ;)

If you are reporting that you have heard John Wright was mentally weak (my avatar) then I disagree with those reports.

He averaged around 37 as an opener which lists him amongst the greatest and best openers we have ever had in test match cricket. Also consider that he played in the 1980s which is generally considered to have been the hardest decade to bat in the history of test cricket.
1) non neutral umpires
2) the West Indies in their pomp with no restrictions on the number of bouncers they could bowl per over
3) Imran Khan, Botham, Kapil Dev, Willis in their hey day would go on to take 300 plus wickets each
4) sporting wickets rather than the roads that permeate today's test cricket.

Also according to my own stats analysis you can add 5 runs to an opening batsman's average and that is what he would achieve if he hid down the order at number 4 or 5. Facing the new ball leads to you getting nicked off early doors plenty of time to unplayable peaches in the corridoor.

Had John Wright played in today's era he would average about 45 even as a opener.

He is a candidate for and permanently in the discussion for New Zealand's all time great test team. But most would pick Richardson and Turner ahead of him.
I would pick him ahead of Richardson.

Anyway this is a league forum but note my dissension to claims John Wright was weak mentally. Watching him bat and mutter "Watch the ball" before every delivery and grit his teeth suggest he was quite the opposite. Limited on technique and available shots to play but high on determination.
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The best case scenario is that Blair puts in a serviceable performance and even scores a try but that Sao also plays well and Blair can't take his spot,

Nek Minit, Gold Coast GM who is watching the game figures that Blair has many more years left in him and offers to pay him a casual $400K if we pick up the rest of the tab.
If Blair plays, and we lose. I will start calling for SK to be sacked. The guy has been a disaster of a signing and this is a disgraceful selection.

He admits himself he has been out of form but WTF has he done about it in ISP? He just does not deserve to be there. It makes a mockery of SK's selection process and sends the wrong message to the young guys, who he is supposed to be motivating.

I really hope I am wrong, that he has a blinder, and we win.

BTW, can some trainspotter remind me the last time Blair had a blinder? How did he go against St George last year.
Blair is only in for indigenous round i think.
Re his last blinder i would nominate the Dragons game last year at mt smart when we were 2th and they were 1th
Blair is a big guy, time for him to show some kahunas.

No one is our team can be considered behemoths like some of their pack. The key to taming them is defending Pangai Jr into mistakes and frustration. Getting numbers on Haas and shutting down the offloads. Tackle in numbers. Get there for each other. Offloads will move their defence around even if its side to side just to fatigue them.
What is Passi suspended for? Scoring a try? I think we’ll get pumped. Concerned about our hooker situation. Luke can’t last long enough for Lawton to be an impact & Roache is injured every other week. WTF is Blair doing on that bench. Was he any good at CCC level?
….BTW, can some trainspotter remind me the last time Blair had a blinder? How did he go against St George last year.
I had a quick read through the Wikipedia article on him, as a few years ago there was someone updating articles for various players there who brought in positive stuff about them, along the lines of "scored a hat-trick in the victory in the win over... " I'd hope to find something positive, and went back as far as 2013, but found nothing positive at all. But then he's not a try scorer, so why would I find anything like that. And of course Wikipedia is only as good as the sum of the edits made to it. He must at some stage have played well and have been valued very highly in order to have built up the perceived value that he had, but...

>> Blair’s form in the early rounds of the season was a shadow of his former self that he showed at Storm, with the Daily Telegraph writing an article asking, "Is Blair the worst NRL signing ever?" <<
That could well have been written in 2019, but is from 2013.
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