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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I could see the Milford try coming but in my highly opinionated opinion it could have come at the other end as well. It was discouraging to see us come away with no lollies but we always do ok against the bye and besides it's only Melbourne after that.
Oh I can see the next 4 inconsistent results now... beat the Storm, lose to the Titans, lose to the Panthers and close loss to the Knights!
Good tight game, well done to the Broncos, epic defence.

I thought everyone played well. Sao did a couple of silly things, and Papaliis late tackle was silly.

Our guys werent passing the ball, they were heaving it. Players need to run into gsps and be given good passes.

Interesting fact, in the history of Rugby, both codes, a gap has never tackled anyone.
Gave it a B. Just cause the D did pretty well to let in just 1 try. Especially against a team that pumped the reigning prems a week ago.
As for attack not much imagination really, looks like they forgotten how too or the natural flairs been coached out of them.
I think its time to put Chanel Harris-Tavita on the bench and slowly phase out Greeny and put him out to pasture. So Chanel Harris-Tavita and Kodi can develop a long term halves partnership. Seasons nearly gone so may as well...


On the Fox commentary last night they said the only Warriors forward that averages over 100m per game was Harris. WTF is that correct ?
If that's correct we ain't going nowhere in this comp
They are incorrect. Bunty averages 105.2, Paasi is 95.3 and he is probably the next best forward. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Big Ken and Pita Hiku are all up on the top of the able though. Big Ken is worth another prop on his own, just imagine if we actually had another decent metre eater in the forwards.
In isolation that was a poor call.
But we literally spent what felt like half the game in the Broncos 20 and came up with a Penalty Goal. I just can't lump our inept play on the Refs this week
We came out way on top of the penalty count. They were still getting away with murder in the ruck though.
Would like to see Chanel Harris-Tavita/Nikorima play just to see how they went together, see what they can do with their speed rather than Green, seems too slow.
Probably sacrilege to say that before but after last night I think it has to be worth a shot.
A win by the Dragons today drops us down to the bottom 4 - I think we are better than that but feel it is where we will finish.
Our points differential suggests we are better than that, and if we can avoid any blowouts we probably will improve.
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I thought last night highlighted the value of Jazz. I'm really surprised that people still don't rate him. So many of our attacking plays are set up off of the back of a quick Jazz play the ball. He also sucks defenders into the middle third of the field with his footwork and ability to offload, while also keeping teams honest around the ruck by supporting Luke etc
I know I'm in the minority but I'd be really disappointed to lose him.
I haven't given up on this season, last season was unusual in that 8 teams cleared out on the table early. Normally, there is a team or two from the bottom half that surge into the 8 on a winning streak to end the season. The flip side of that is we normally have a good run during the Origin series and then fade. Despite the record, we are only 2 points out of the 8.
I still think we can bounce back against Melbourne, I'll give them a few more games for the attack to gel before I lose interest by the end of Origin like most recent seasons. We haven't gone on a run over Origin for years so I don't expect that to happen this year either.

Surely 0 tries must have alarmed them enough to make some changes in the attack structure and positioning for backing up breaks, we look too deep. Bunty and Ken look like our only likely linebreakers from that far out, but whats the point of steppers like Harris and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck if everyone sees them coming from 20 metres away? I think our main prob is that we dont have an Shaun Johnson to crate gaps in open field, so we urgently need to set the line a lot flatter, its a better pattern for us to back up breaks because we don't have much speed around the ruck either except Lawton. Luke looked most likely to score but I saw Green make multiple breaks in swarming defence with no backup, he and Kodi & Rog need to get on the same page quickly during the bye or it's let's gone again.
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I thought last night highlighted the value of Jazz. I'm really surprised that people still don't rate him.
By the same "logic", last night also highlighted that we are missing Kata on offence.

As I posted earlier I hope he (Jazz) is gone for at least 4-6 weeks so we can see if the team does better with bigger bodies on the bench. If Jazz Tevaga is allowed to play for the NZ warriors then I reckon if run around the block once per day for the rest of this winter, and turn up to the Warriors try outs in the 2020 pre-season and "work my tail off and train harder than everyone else" then I should be selected too, For the record I probably have better hands and a better pass than Tevaga.
Beautiful forum header guys. It's nice to have a new Broncos discussion board for a week.

I jest, of course.

That was a ripper of a game, one try in it, we were defending as good as I've seen in years honestly. While I don't think you guys were particularly threatening in attack if you played like that every week you'd almost certainly win 9/10 games. You've also only had 2 games with a new halves combination so it'll take some time for Kodi to integrate into your systems. I always loved Kodi as a player and while I never though he would be our answer at 7, I always believed he'd be a really good 5/8 with a smart, controlling half next to him.

Do the entire NRL a favour, beat Melbourne next round so we can see Bellamy breaking shit in the coaches box.


No it definitely doesnt reflect the consensus. Never understood people like you, its great having opposition fans here and Super Freak has always been a good poster. Hopefully it happens more often, they always made us feel welcome over there too at their forum.
I said I thought it was a good post, and I certainly didn't mean to suggest SF, or anybody else, wasn't welcome here. One of the best things about Rugby League ( as opposed to, say, football in England ) is the way the the fans get on, and that it's much more about the game than the team. I knew many members wouldn't agree, which is why I made it clear it was just my personal reaction to another defeat fresh in my mind.
Apologies for any offence or misunderstanding.
In 4 of the last 5 years we have been in the 8 after rounds 17/18 (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018). Not sure if we have had an origin run but we do fade after it :(
From memory the malaise seems to set in around Origin, maybe it has something to do with eryone expecting them to pick up easy wins against depleted sides. Injuries have crueled us at the back of recent seasons too though, most notably SJs.
what summed up the night for me was 9 minutes to go, Papalli with a 3 on 2 and he chooses to try and beat the man himself and took the tackle

for a second then i thought kata was on

but credit where credit is due. Broncos defended well !
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25 years on and still the same shit delivered up.Nothing changes longer than a game or two. My man of the match award goes to the fans for putting up with this every week.

i know what you are saying but Cronulla waited 50 years to win a ring, does that just mean we have to wait another 25 !! arrrghhhhhh
Kearney should be pretty proud as the defensive coach after that performance. Apart from the weak penalty against Sao and his miss on Milford, the boys were great on defense. The forward pack really held their own against a promising and powerful broncos pack even with Tevaga being injured 9 minutes into his stint. Maumolo and Fusitua were great metre eaters as usual.

The attack on the other hand was piss poor, as it has been for most of this season. We had so much good field position that 2 points for the whole game just isn't acceptable. Even when we look back to all the other games this year, its been individual brilliance that's created tries and rarely sustainable attacking processes:
- To have Luke/Lawton, Nikorima and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck who are quality spine position players (practically in every third of the field) that are explosive off the mark and not use them to run in support of the forwards is criminal. Sao, Harris, Ah Mau, Paasi, Blair, Burr and even Tevaga all have offloading ability but are triple teamed on every carry.
- In terms of structure, the unders lines that the forwards run off (behind) Green, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Nikorima during set plays rarely create anything and causes the attack to go sideways and lose penetration. On top of that, having second rowers that don't run short ball crash lines and try to ball play instead is just ineffective (even Harris missed a short pass to Hiku that would've been try time).
- Another thing I don't enjoy watching is Papalii getting hammered when taking hitups. His tackle workload is intense but if he just watched and copied Harris and Maumolo's late steps at the line, he would save his body from so much impact and it would increase his post contact (offloading,metres) opportunities. Its the same with all our other forwards who just aren't big enough to run it straight and win the ruck through brute force.
- as another poster stated, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck needs to be running onto the ball in space more often than he's creating space. Look at how incisive he was at the roosters and look at him now.

One concerning fact is we haven't scored off a grubber kick all year. Grubbering behind a half close to the line with a 2nd row and centre chasing is a low risk, high reward play. Even if it doesn't go to hand, you can force the drop out instead. Infact, most of our attacking kicks are short bombs that are too shallow even with the wingers we have. Our good ball kicking game is uninspired overall...

It was funny seeing Kearney get angsty with the reporter rightly questioning our poor attack considering he's the defensive coach but it remains unaddressed. Payten and Jones have been around for long enough to see what does and doesn't work in the NRL and its sad to see them limit the warriors season with such stale attacking processes.
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