Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 11 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Can someone explain why Staggs did not get charged for his coat hanger on Kodi?

Surely that is dangerous contact to the head no matter how one tries to downplay it - no less dangerous than Paasi’s indiscretion last week
I understand it was
a) penalised
b) placed on report
  • Injuries: Jazz Tevaga (head knock)
  • Judiciary: Joe Ofahengaue (dangerous contact)
  • Dally M votes: Payne Haas 3, Matt Lodge 2, Anthony Milford 1. Judge: Corey Parker
Seems a bit weird that a former Bronco player dishes out dally m point for his former side...

No idea who the dangerous contact was against.... but I’m pretty sure Jazz’s ankle sprain wasn’t in his head!!!
Staggs should have been charged for almost killing Nikorima lol
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I was going to ask if we were doing the banner bet this year. I didn't and hadn't noticed the banner until you pointed in out. So err thanks.

All good hopefully a chance to get one back in a few weeks.
Huh, not showing up for me, or am I missing something? Tried refreshing too.
Btw not sure what bitcoin has to do with my search history re advertising but least it's not porn like someone had haha
It used to be a huge advantage for us playing Saturday nights on a wet ground. Our guys stepping and getting the Aussies who aren't used to it either falling over or not getting their footing right. Tonight we could barely set up any space to get guys to step and break through.

We had a lot of possession so enough chances to score more than two points.

Pretty poor kicking as well especially on the last. When was the last time one of our wingers caught an attacking bomb to score. A lot of jokes or negative comments over the years about kick it to Manu. Well we'd be grateful for a few of those at the moment.
More proof to enforce my theory that we've turned into a dry-track team. Not exactly sure why. But perhaps it's because we don't have the big forwards who thrived in it any more. E.g. Packer/Matulino, Price/Wiki. We could win the forward battle and with many teams we'd win the game before they got off the bus cos psychologically nobody looked forward to the physicality in the cold rain. Canberra can boast the same.
There’s an article available on the NZ Herald online by Chris Rattue titled something like “where did it go so wrong for Warriors and Blues”. But it’s on the other side of their paywall. Anyone wanna post it here? (Assuming that’s allowed)
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He's been at the storm..... Should have an idea of a really good footY team is like.

On a side note is Lawton's tactic of pushing behind our ball carriers illegal? Thought it was.
You know your go forward is lacking when your hooker needs to give your forwards a shunt.
Mind you what are we expecting him to say, that we are hopeless and have no idea. Yes Storm are a very god team, something we're not !