General NRL 2019 Round 10 - General Discussion

how can Sydney possibly be under the cap?


Normally support anyone playing the roosters, no different this time just hope it goes to extra time tire the Broncs out for next week
We were worried about the Panthers playing into form against us. The Broncos have hit some good form the last two weeks.

It will be a good test for our side next week.

A lot to be motivated for from our side. They have had some pretty poor displays at home the last two outings. We have a former Bronco playing his first game against his old club who will have a point to prove. Also coming off two wins so confidence should be building.
One thing I’ve learnt from watching way too much NRL is never read too much into how the opposition played the week before. This game is all about who turns up on the day and the best teams just do it more consistently than others. Broncos looked good but they are probably more erratic than us this year. In fact I think we’re moving towards playing better footy more consistently even with our losses this year.
Watching those 2 games, it was like watching us in normal speed and other on fast forward. Game speeds were not even in the same ball park. We will have to really turn it up next week if thats what the Donkeys bring, that Haas is unreal.
Don't disagree, but, the great sides dictate the speed of the game. Melbourne are perfect examples of dictating the speed to suit their structures. i.e. slow. All sides will adjust, the key is to have the opposition adjust to your tempo.