General NRL 2019 Round 1 - General Discussion


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
ok first thing - stop giving gallen shit, cause every time you do I gotta hit like, and i think i ended up liking half the posts because of it.

Second thing where the fuck did the sharks get their get out of jail free card. Its almost every game now, cheat - no problem, forward pass - no problem, have a dubious call that has no chance of getting called in the sharks favour - no problem. Seriously I want the warriors to get a card like that.

Lastly so happy to see the knights win. I think the sharks will improve, and just think how good they would have been if they had released Gallen instead. But it really was goods to see the knights do well for a change.
What a night of league. This will be a better game. And you will see now the standard for this years top 4. I see Roosters, Rabbitohs, Storm, Broncos as the top 4. Tomorrow we will see how close we are to that.