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Jul 12, 2013
I love watching all ex players but the one of most interest to me this week will be Shaun Johnson . Love to see him do well with his new team. I expect him to play a blinder this week...
Good to see the wounds have healed, well at least the cast is replaced by a bandage. Expect him to go well early as he is motivated to prove a point. Probably play it safe for the first few rounds, interested to see how his team mates react when he fails to find touch on penalties etc.

All starts to tonight.....winters coming. Oh wrong show.


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May 7, 2012
How good would it be if our club turned up every week on point like the Storm. A lot less stressful that's for sure.

They are running the Broncos ragged. Brisbane probably lucky its only 10-0.
Mate some people only care about the position finish at the end of the season.

In doing so they miss the point, the reason the Storm are there every year and not just here and there like the rest, it's the standards they set from round one.

There was a mad stat from Seibold, something about the Storm not having lost their opener since 2002.

That can only be a process thing over that kind of period under various coaches and players

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