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That ones probably closer to the Truth, I’d maybe have Rabbits above us due to the opposition and not sure of the fuss many are making over the Tigers
Apparently most final teams in the last seven years didn't win their first game. Mind you most top teams are drawn against a good side as the opener anyway e.g. Storm - Broncos
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Early doors but Para are much better this year.

I hate Penrith. Used to be my home club. Gus put me off and I'm jealous of the Royal treatment the Clearys get from Oz media.

Go Para
They were my number 2 team until the Gus numbers.
Lost respect for them because of that.
Not even the Kiwi connection can draw me back.
So its TMM and the Cowboys who were 3 but are now 2 since i am a QLD supporter.
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