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Who will win?

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But that is the rule and has always been

Ball goes to the attacking side. As the team who just kicked the ball it is COMMONSENSE that the raiders will now be the attacking team as the roosters had kicked the ball away to END THEIR ATTACKING SET AND TO START THEIR DEFENSIVE SET. It is commonsense. It is going with the feel of the game and interpreting the rules to the game being payed at that time. You are joking if you think that was the roosters balls
This is something I have seen on another forum regarding that trainer decision. Not sure how accurate it is.

The rule book states referees, touchies and spectators touching the ball leads to the attacking team retaining possession.
Nothing about other team staff or a 14th man as using common sense that is a penalty against the offending team.
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In Andy we (have to) trust
Doesn’t matter what I think - it is the position on the field which determines the attacking team
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Tbh i dont think that missed 6 again was that much of a massive game changer because honestly the Raiders despite dominating didnt look like scoring. Roosters defence was turning up time and again. The one clear oppertunity they had Leilua bombed it. I was getting worried that 2nd half cause the longer the Raiders we're dominating without scoring u knew the Roosters would have one oppertunity they'd probably take.....sure enough.

As for that call Cummins called the 6 again, whoever changed it is the one that should face the music. U cant change after the Raiders have played on, Wighton wouldve put the kick in instead of running it im sure. Bad bad call.