General NRL 2019 Finals Week 3 - General Discussion

TBH, if you are a NRL captain, you should be.

Whether it's right or wrong is another thing. But you need to give your side all the advantage you can get, even if it's psychological games with the ref.

I agree. That's why I don't understand the hate for Smith. I just wish my captain would do half of what he does to influence the game off the ball.

I also dont think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck should be captain purely because of his position. Green should be so he can stay in the refs ear all game.
I can't imagine how hard this game must be when your injured.

I struggle with dislocated fingers but these guys play with some serious injuries
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
roosters are getting away with a lot of second effort in the rucks, breaking and then diving back in. the refs are strong with these ones
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Does anyone think if we got NAS or Brandon Smith we could get the same intensity and productivity out of them as the Storm do?