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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2016
So many passes going to ground,out in front or above the head and not just from jazz. Seems there is too many players not first grade quality in their position.
Mannering is first grade lock not attacking on an edge
Maumaloo is good at getting our sets started but where the hell was he when Gelling got them couple breaks.
Jazz is a small lock not hooker
Lino is a great fill in but there was way too many fill ins.
Gotta give it to the storm they were ruthless an knew the could chip away an uncover the soft underbelly that is the old Warriors.
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Where to begin?

This game, like the Broncos game was lost early and in the forwards.
The Storm players made too many metres, quick play of the balls and got our defenders on the back foot. The defence, hit and stick MUST improve.

Injuries, beginning to be a worry. We can no longer think of this team as the same that started the season, too many changes and too much time missed for guys for fans and the team to expect the roll to continue from here.
It is back to square one and that NEEDS to be the mindset. Forget the first 6 games, it is now about the very next ONE game.

Paasi still looks underdone. hw is a serially poor defender who lets the runner come to him. I'm not sure what to do with him as he is one of our best running props... maybe bench impact until he gets back close to 100%
Afoa did ok but mostly in his 2nd stint. Another who lets the runner come to him.
Losing Luke early was disastrous... to think if some had their way we would;ve had no hooker cover (not that Tevaga was great at all)
Mannering - looks old and is still unco asf on attack. He is no longer an edge forward in my opinion. Happy for him to play as a middle either in the 13 or off the bench.
Papali'i - he was brave and worked hard, this wasn't his fault.
Blair was fair today.

Lino is exactly who anyone who has watched him thought he was, a decent back-up half. He is not a first choicer and his lack of kicking distance is a genuine team weakness when we face a dominant pack who are winning the field position battle.
Green was quiet but was getting some abysmal service out of dummy.
Maumalo wasn't able to impose himself with ball in hand but he didn't do much wrong.
Gelling was exposed in the first half, however... the forwards were not doing their job and this accentuated the flaws in our centres. He had a decent crack in the second half. Realistically he is our 4th or 5th choice.
Hiku is a liability on d, everyone knows this... but he is also feeding the best tryscorer in the NRL in 2018. I am happy to keep him but he really missed Harris inside him.
Fusitu'a could get more involved running the ball in the middle. He is hard to criticise.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, the dude tries his guts out and I would've taken him off with 30 to go because what was the point.

Tevaga, glad we had hooker cover... sucks that it was him. He is not a first grade quality hooker and he is simply too small to be an effective backrower. I love his heart and energy. But he has not got the necessary skill.
Lisone... I have gone from being his biggest fan early to really questioning him as a player who belongs in this level. He is a second away from a mistake or penalty at all times and simply too small and gets manhandled by back-up hookers. I wouldn't pick him again in a hurry. It is sad.
Vete is too slow and was exposed on defence. We have better options.
Vuna, loved his energy and intensity.

Gavet, Johnson, Sao, Harris and Pulu must come back asap

While this was a fucking disgrace of a game... it is only 2 points and we are still in a good spot on the ladder. What's done is done and the focus has to be on starting the next game strong, powerful and imposing this teams will on the opposition.

I am not a fan of the grand final or even the top 4 talk... it has to be a week to week thing and a slow grind to build.

Like ToiletDuck I'm not counting my chickens or my eggs or anything.

but we still have a chance to win next week


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
Who's the funny kent who voted that game A+? lol
Nice bit of sarcasm from Johnnyray.:hilarious:



1st Grade Fringe
Apr 3, 2016
Didn’t expect that tonight.
Melbourne were burning hot in that first half.
We were not ready for it and got scorched.
Injuries starting to have the inevitable effect now.
The boys were trying but we got schooled tonight.
Losing Isaac sucked.
Won’t get into individual players, we were poor across the park, but proud to have Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as our captain. Gave his all as usual.
We’ve shown so far this season we’ve got the goods physically but still think the biggest challenge Kearney and team have is to stay on top mentally.

Thank goodness for the 10 day turnaround. We need it. Hopefully enough time to get some of these injuries sorted.

Edit : just read about Isaac. Dammit!
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Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 5, 2014
Just heard about Luke. We have to be the most unluckiest of teams with our run of injuries. We just can't catch a break (no pun intended).

No excuses tonight. We were out played, out smarted and out muscled by a better team.

Fusitua scoring 2 was the only positive.
We have been very unlucky the last few years with injuries,

2015 we were top 4 before Shaun Johnson breaking his ankle.

2016 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck acl.

2017 lost Shaun Johnson and Luke for long stints.

Plus all the other injuries which force young players to step up to the Mark...

This season when we are healthy there wouldn’t be many teams who could go toe to toe win us.

Our depth has got us through but tonight we got schooled.

Lucky we have troops coming in for next week but we loose arguably our best player this season in Luke (and arguably best in his position in the NRL this season).

Just shit luck all right.


This year yet?
Jul 15, 2013
Well Fuck...
Too numb to be too angry but that was a bit of a thud back down to earth after Fri.
I think injuries and depth players playing above themselves finally caught up with us. Tough going into a match with a team in red hot form without 6 or 7(half a team) first choice players. Good news is majority are back next game.
I wonder how much training the team did between games? We looked under done.
I know storm probably took their foot of the pedal but we looked not as bad 2nd half.
All the Aus based hype has now disappeared, now we can fly under the radar.
Still 2= which is as high as we were gonna get anyway after the dragons won.
Aussie refs were never gonna let us spoil ‘their’ day of heroes.
Probably only Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Blair can hold their heads high.. maybe Fusitua with 2 tries but his D was suspect


1st Grade Fringe
Oct 9, 2012
Sorry boys it was my fault, put some money on the Warriors to win for the first time in like 3 years.

I did the same thing... I've never won money betting warriors, so I don't do it often hahah

Roosters lost to storm 48-10 in 2002 and won the premiership hahaha

Ah well, at least it's not 40-0 in a grand final

Tight turnaround after a huge game, we've been playing well, I'm not panicking.


NSW Cup Player
Apr 25, 2018
This is the 1st time that i felt like i woke up and the start of the season was just a dream and normal service resumed. No defence at all and looked uninterested. Was it a dream, because I'm going to bed hoping i can get the feeling back!!!


1st Grade Fringe
May 1, 2012
Fusitua and Hiku Defense was so shit ...they really need to lift

KEN has zero attacking idea where was he when Gelling broke the line ??

the bulk of the team looked star struck from the show in the first 20 ... like its game time BOYs wake up!!

It's hard to know what to do with Ken. He has improved so much, but he still finds himself out of position and doesn't have wingers instincts. It would be tough to drop him for Beale but that may be what is needed.
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1st Grade Fringe
May 19, 2012
Another very disappointing Anzac Day effort, but I'm not gonna bag anyone in the team or crack any jokes

I honestly believe that this team are far better than the display they put on tonight & I genuinely feel bad for them & the supporters who were there after that performance

For mine the team can't just bury this & move on, they have to own it & understand it to truely learn how & why it happened so that it doesn't happen again

Losing is only true defeat if you fail to learn from it & after tonight this team has shown us & themselves that they still have much to learn

But that's not a bad thing, it's still early in the season & it's better to have our shocker now than at the back end of the season when you really want to be peaking

However, this loss & how this team responds to a real moment of adversity will define their true character moving forward

They definitely have it in them to bounce back, but it has to start immediately from tonight to the very next training session & on to the next game against the Tigers

No excuses about injuries, missing players or anything like that, just get up look the loss in the eyes & say ... ok ... you got me that time ... but I'm still here ... lets go again
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