Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 6 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion


01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Warriors Orange Peeler
NRL 2018 - Round 6 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion
New Zealand Warriors vs Brisbane Broncos
Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland
Shaun Johnson 2017 5

Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 6 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Brisbane Broncos after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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brisbane were damn quick with their line speed. really really quick. they really slowed us down in the play the ball and we couldnt get into rhythm
i wonder if there was too much old boys day crap thats distracted them. they didnt look to have the same focus we have in the last few weeks.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck tried his heart out tonight
Think I might give this site a wide berth for a few days to avoid the reopening of the debate about Shaun Johnson and any anti Gelling type deflections.

Simple fact is we got out-enthused, out-muscled and made some tired mistakes.

Gelling was on SK more than anyone.

Heavy pitches are not our game with the squad we have assembled, but that is no excuse for not manning up on defence

Some tough games coming up, could be a test of our new found resolve if we drop a few in a row.


I really enjoyed having blokes from the Brisbane forum here - it is like having a friendly rivalry with a mate in your lounge whilst watching a game. I hope we can stay civil and let it continue in future games....No Fale flaming behaviour!
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Yeah got to credit the Broncos, they were clearly the better side. Things that stood out for me were their metres - They were rolling through us, and we were struggling to get over our 40 metre line. A few bad one on one misses for the Isaako and Oates tries, plus a few more line breaks given away. Shaun Johnson looks a little slow, maybe his Hammy is a bit crook still? Broncos made naff all errors too.

Needed to win that forward battle, and we didn't. Will need to lift for next week, hope this fires the boys up.
Pre season the concern was our lack of signing one or two more good props.
Repeat after me Jazz and Lisone are not props. Lisone made no impact in attack we got no roll forward.
Paasi is Bunty is getting there. But we need 4 props not 2.
We got a couple in ISP we can bring up don't know how far off is Gavet.

Gelling every time I see this guy I see nothing shit passes dropped ball shit defence although he cant be blamed.

Need a few changes in the forward pack for next game. And if Sol is out don't replace him with Gelling.

Sad the bubble burst.

On the really positive side we still have 10 points in the bank a bloody good position.
Reality check for the boys.
Can still too the ladder next week.
Few things didn't go our way + Broncos played like us but better - bennet schooling kearndog
Some of the players looked a bit off.
ShShit about the injuries.
We need to bounce back for the Dragons.
MoM Blake green.
That was simply not good enough.

From the opening 5 mins I knew that game was lost. There was zero urgency on attack or defence. We'd make hitups, get tackled and then just lie there not making any effort for a quick play the ball. Hard runs are great Paasi but if you take 30 seconds to play the ball then you've just nullified any advantage we may have had.

The backs were awful. Worst game I have seen from Hiku in our colours and that sort of performance was exactly why his signing made me nauseous. Can't tackle and looked disinterested.

Blake Green is a good organising half, but he is not Cooper Cronk or Jonathan Thurston, so why is he suddenly seeing so much more ball on the run whilst Shaun Johnson goes missing. Shaun Johnson ran the ball for the first time around the 50 minute mark, what the fuck is the point in having an organising half to 'free up Shaun Johnson' if Shaun Johnson doesn't fucking run with the ball.

Gelling had an absolute shocker but that lies entirely with Kearney. Has him on the bench playing about 10 minutes of football in a month and when the heat goes on he comes up with key errors, absolutely retarded waste of a bench spot the past few weeks and you now have a player who has no match fitness under his belt.

Forwards looked limp, other than Afoa and Paasi who ran hard. Simon's career on the fringes is done, he doesn't offer anything out there and I would have Papali'i in next week regardless of how ineffective he looked today in ISP.

Our excellent start to the season is in very real threat of becoming a distant memory. We have the Dragons next week and clearly home advantage counts for little, we are in real danger of heading to Melbourne on the back of 2 straight losses.

As I've said over and over, a few good wins doesn't reverse years of rubbish. All I saw today was 2012-2017 on replay.
I'm kinda glad that loss is out of the way so we can get rid of that bullshit can't see us losing all season crap.

Only 3 people are responsible for this loss IMO

SK - carry forwards on the bench not Gelling, who I'm not even sure why he is there. Vete or Satae at least would give some impact. Also changing around bunty and lisone for what rewson?

Shaun Johnson - completely missing tonight. Should have been great conditions for running hard and using his jink. Instead he has entered dancing with the stars. They tend to dance in one spot so he should be good chance of winning it.

tajhay - for making that bloody bet with the donkeys forum
Great game Broncos. We didn't help ourselves but their gameplan was fantastic. Really nullified our backline metres (make that overall metres) held on to the pill and kicked well.

We looked like the Roosters in round 4. Got a bit too comfortable and paid the price.
Wouldn't be surprised if we win next week!
The Dragons won't be losing any sleep in the coming week after that performance.

Did they miss a week's training or something?

Can someone more clever than me analyse the shit out of why our DEFENCE TURNED TO CRAP IN JUST ONE WEEK???

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