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A thread for all 2018 Round 3 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ).

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...
There's the potential to be some very good games this weekend. In fact, some of them, it's very hard to pick a clear favourite. The only potential blowout looks to be against the Bunnies. I'd also look at the Eels and the Titans getting in upset wins.

Of the games not including us, the match of the round, at least in my opinion, is the Cowboys against the Storm with the Broncos against the Tigers coming in a very close second.
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tipping is a nightmare right now, eels, raiders, bulldogs, rabbitohs, might not have good years but its win at home this weekend or start planning for next year or your next coach.

Tigers should have a rollicking home crowd for their friday nighter, think the roosters might really give it to the knights, be embarrassing to have all your old players get over on you.
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Looks like a few teams will still be 0-3 by the end of this week. Sharks or Eels, both sides I was picking for the 8.

The big match is the Storm vs Cowboys match. Usually the big matches are Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Usually the old Monday night or Thursday night games aren't the most enticing.

Roosters vs Knights is also going to be interesting as well to see where the Knights are at in their rebuild, and if the Roosters are building into some form. Knights have some former Roosters coming to play their old club.

Hopefully the wacky results continue. Not sure if a Warriors win counts as wacky or not if it does good, if not may all the results be wacky except for that one.:p
I'm worried about our game against the Raiders, normally I'd be all positive, but because the Raiders have lost their first two games, they will have Ricky Stuart up their arses all week long, not to go down to the Warriors.

We need to pay them back for last season, where they won in the dying stages, as it should have been us. It's mostly close games between us.

I'll know within the first twenty minutes when we are going to win or not, by:

1: us stampeding through their so called weak defense

2: our defensive line on our goal area holds like the last two weeks. If that is the case, then I'm sure we can win

3: Everyone steps up again, and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Johnson, Green and Luke must be the ones to keep us moving forwards with everyone else chipping in.

4: The forwards cannot afford to back down against the Raiders forwards, because if we do we will lose.

I'm hoping for a win, but like I said I'm worried about how they come back from their first two losses.
The Raiders have more to worry about than us. They will be worried about offloads as their big forwards, who don't look so fit, won't want to be chasing our little guys around the Park. It will be interesting how many they commit to tackles as they want to avoid 1 on 1's.

Their edges have been leaking points, so in two 30-28 losses that is their problem. Defensively we have the edge. Our weakness will be getting too loose and losing possession. First up tackling will have to be on point. Complete sets, throw angles at them, sensible offloads, spread wide early, kick early with determined kick chase. Follow Green.

I might be one eyed, but I reckon we have more points of attack and better D.
Comp looks very even this year. I think there will be a real log jam between 6-12 with maybe 4 points covering those places. I think we will win again this Saturday. There will be upsets again though. Wouldn't want to be playing the Eels this round.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Storm are not the same team without Cronk, they might just make the top 4.

Their problem is the Cronk replacement is trying to play like Cronk and he's not Cronk....
MY friend who goes to most of their games says give him time, the weak link is more likely to have been not having Munster as FB. The cohesion is slipping.
Both of the Storm mean out in the open looked like it was going to be a great sight seeing them stride out. All they needed to do was draw and pass on the fullback, snuffed it.


This year yet?
Both of the Storm mean out in the open looked like it was going to be a great sight seeing them stride out. All they needed to do was draw and pass on the fullback, snuffed it.

Yeah they left a good couple of tries on the field through poor execution. Storm just look more polished at the moment
I've been looking forward to Storm vs Cows all week, 2 quality teams with some very high quality players, but now that I'm actually watching it I just feel a bit ... :meh:

Don't get me wrong, it's a relatively high quality game, but as I'm watching it I just can't help but think ... Man ... I can't wait to see what the Warriors serve up on Saturday

Haven't felt that way in a long LONG time