General NRL 2018 Round 25 - General Discussion

Ironically, us not putting Penrith to the sword last week is what saved us a meeting as Suncorp. While it would have been good to face the Dragons, I'm glad both the Dragons and Panthers will need to earn their way to week two.

The challenge will be making sure our deadshits recognise the a Panthers team with Maloney is 100% different to the rabble we easily beat. They've also been sulking about all of the (correctly called) penalties being called against them, so we will likely have to overcome the referee too. Make not mistake, the fuckstain Gould will be rallying the media all week.
Oh when the Warriors...go marching in


Glory glory to the Warriors

Sorry sorry

Warriors.....come out to play....clink clink.

Captain Marvellous said focus on the next thing.

That would be a rematch vs the Pamfers.

Let's roll those motherfuckers.

But I still like them better than the Sharks. Too many grubby cu**s.