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Hmmm.... with brisbane winning tonight it’s on like a donkie kong next week with Canberra!
Hopefully that keeps our motivation high to try and sneak up a place if we win and a few upsets occur. Can't be complacent that we finally locked up a finals place after a lean spell. This has a usual making of Warriors finals spot locked up, farewell departing club legend big crowd followed by flat performance.

Hopefully smash them off the park.

With how close the points table is there probably a chance to get congested on 32 points. The for and against is the main issue.

if the warriors play the sharkies for the first final do they play at shark park or is it moved for the same reason that they cant play at Mt Smart?
Some years they have done the first round of the finals at the home grounds and from the second week on it is at the regional stadiums. Usually get a few Sydney clubs complain that they lose home ground advantage. Or why did <insert team here> get to play at home last week where we get it taken away despite like usual the guidelines have been known all year it becomes an issue as soon as it affects their team.
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Yeah this is the year of the underdog.

The Minnows are trashing the chances of the big fish.

Cant wait for this arvo...could see both underdogs winning.
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Quite honestly with the unique make up of this 2018 team ( its predictably all in their heads) we would be best finishing top four but not having a home game.

You cant have both a life up your sleeve and exclusively away games so this finishing lower 8 is the same difference.

The only time these head cases play well is either the adversity of a loss ( seriously we are better off losing to Canberra ) or as we saw at seasons start....playing games that no one gives us a chance in.

I Guarantee you if we lose to the Raiders, the following week the Sharks or whoever's season is over.

Why Is this so ?

It goes to the core of kiwi rugby league...the talented kid who's parents couldn't afford playing fees.

Its fucked up but that's how it is. The sport here feeds off negatives and cant deal with expectation.

Kearney will change it over time.

The lower we finish the better our chances.

As daft as that is....take a look at the little guys in the NRL this year rolling the top four...the competition has changed...its not the NRL we knew....the comp is even and teams with a negative psychological motivator win this time of year.
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