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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Solomone Kata is clearly Kearneys illegitimate son..

you mean his "other" son - let's not forget Jazz!

anyway my two cents.

I thought it was about a B- so graded a B. We weren't TOO bad but clearly we lack strength, bulk and power in our forward pack and we can't contain a team like the Bulldogs with their size/aggression - explains our struggles in defence. Yep we are missing Tohu Harris. Hopefully he's back and fighting fit for the Raiders game.

Couldn't understand the static play in our attack either.


Only one point damage to our differential.

Roosters lost tonight as well by a fine margin (pathetic I know, but still gratifying).
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Really good sides don't need wake-up calls as much as we do.

Obviously still finals bound. Yay. Yeah, I know technically we could still go out, but on our performance today and Wests Tigers' performance yesterday, even if the Tigers win the next two (they'll beat the Sea Eagles but they've got the Rabbitohs in Rd 25 who may have the Minor Premiership to fight for, let's not forget) and we lose the next two, that 45 point differential may go down but it will still remain in our favour.

Probably going to get our heads handed to us in the 5 v 8 game on this performance. Not Yay.

Is Blocker on a deal where he gets a certain amount of dosh if he repeats "the Warriors are tired and the game's only kicked off" and or "the second half's only kicked off"?

TLDR - I want a premiership :arghh:

I Feel your pain. I never expected one in 2018. I think Mr Corvo nailed it - the improvement is happening but it's going to need at least one more Pre-Season Courtesy of Mr "Feel The Pain" Corvo to bed in.

The goal, as I've said before, is to become a team where it's a shock and heads need to roll or due to massive injury issues where we don't make the finals, whatever the finals system is - AFL Top 8, System, Mcintyre Top 8 System, etc..

We are, fingers crossed, just starting out on that journey.

I want a premiership in maybe 2019 but certainly 2020. Too soft? Maybe, but the timeline feels right to me. Getting to the GF in 2002 and getting to the GF in 2011 in second consecutive finals is what's behind my logic....
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The stupidest moment of the game was when we tackled Klemmer fair and square but he wanted a penalty for some reason so they blew the whistle and gave him one.

Anyways Dogs were always going to be harder than New Castle. They also committed few errors and in the first half had a 90% completion rate.

BEale committed two errors. What was he doing on the bomb try. Why did he take so long to tackle Morris.
i was most offended at Shaun Johnson starring up at the ball while standing still. He should have been running a block line, but was like he had never stood under a bomb before


Despite their forwards being "better at post contact metres", we were always going to win an arm wrestle with them becuase we have better line speed on defence and for hit ups they massively rely on Klemmer. It was them who used their back line more, and to good effect. And in some ways this was a point of difference and allowed them to make good metres around tackle 3 or 4.

Also how many minutes did Klemmer play. Man is a machine.


Today is a good day ☀️
Agreed that if it comes down to the final round, with us needing a win to make the 8, I will be putting my house on the Raiders. There is no way we will ever get up for a game like that.

Raiders will want payback after that last minute drop goal earlier in the season from Shaun Johnson

You can beat Ricky will be reving the troops up over that lost
I dont get it, why are we so shit when we're supposed to be kick ass.... this team just doesnt have the killer instinct, so many hole and Shauny J just wants to dance side to side

Read some stat today that was straight out of Anchorman. Apparently we only win 25% of the time for games that we are expected to win when we have a higher than 65% chance going into them. Which is pretty much what we’ve known for years that we shit the bed when least expected.
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That was frustrating. Not just the loss to a deep down the bottom of the ladder but also missing a chance to improve our points differential.

Teams should be reaching their peak at this time of year.

Also during the week there was articles about how our attack is going to reach its full potential, or is going reach top gear or something along those lines. It seems whenever any of our players say how well things are going to go, things fall flat.

One bonus I am away for work at the moment and like a lot of fans I structured my day around the game. Arrived in time to watch it. Decided to go do further travel to my mates place to kill two stones with one bird knowing if I go there it would be part talk/catching up and part watching. Due to that I wasn't as engrossed as I usually am which has some what eased the pan of losing.

Next week I'm back on board so you better win.:mad: