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1st Grade Fringe
Nov 11, 2014
I admire the Dogs effort but their attack is so clunky. Every time the young Dogs half kicks it looks his foot is about to fall off. Quite funny actually.

Yeah definitely Bulldogs can match and beat them up the middle but just no creativity, Tigers should easily get up in the second 40.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 9, 2012
The ultimate in irony the Sharks coach moaning about a refs decision, you need to lose another one with a bad decision to get back to even dick head

They got robbed by a forward pass last time they played the broncos too.
I'd say they're about even this year. Broncos are due half a dozen controversial losses tho (like every other year....)
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1st Grade Fringe
Mar 18, 2014
OK, so we want sea eagles to nab the panthers here. Ideally win by big margin too.

It's at brooky oval so this helps.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 9, 2016
Matt Nable is the worst commentator in professional sport “ Maloney, Cleary, Peachy, Merrin MEerrin, Mansour, Kikau Kiiikau KIKAU TRY!”

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