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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Paasi should really be in the side, proved to be a class above for the ISP team on the weekend coming back from injury. For either Pulu or Lisone, don't mind which.

As for Sam Cook, I have never rated him, probably only saw 6 games of his last year though, some on here who have seen more of him rate him so willing to leave him in the side for now due to his versatility which would appear to be his biggest asset. Must say though, he copped slap in the mouth shortly after he came on, then crouched to his knees to recover, hookers don't have that luxury, he needed to be at the next ruck and wasn't. Either incapacitated or at the next tackle, no more Konrad Hurrells on their haunches a bit sore. Sorry for the tough love, but welcome to first grade.
Yeah I saw that bro. He was genuinely dazed from receiving a DDT type tackle. I too haven't seen much of him and didn't do too much in the trial.
Lets be honest Sam Cook isn’t first grade quality and I don’t see a heap of potential waiting to be unleashed with him. I think this week was the perfect opportunity to integrate Lawton while the team is on a high. The Roache injury might effect our season more than we think.

Would’ve been keen to see Paasi off the bench. But happy to wait until one of the forwards play their way out of the rotation. Keeps the standards high.

Papalii will need a stint back in ISP at some stage this season. He’s 19. He’s gonna get tired and hit a form dip. That’s normal for a player of his age and position.
Predictable but that's as it should be with a win under the belt and no one played badly. I think Paasi will play before Mannering but what a luxury to have the depth available in the ISP.
Cook probably the lucky guy to still be there with Lawton in the wings.
TBH I think following the ISP side this year may just be as exciting as the Seniors
Predictable but that's as it should be with a win under the belt and no one played badly. I think Paasi will play before Mannering but what a luxury to have the depth available in the ISP.
Cook probably the lucky guy to still be there with Lawton in the wings.
TBH I think following the ISP side this year may just be as exciting as the Seniors

Am going to reserve judgement till round 6 but very surprised Cook is in there. Is a reserve grade player who let in a try against Souths. Lawton offers way more and can cover in the backs.

Paasi needs to be in the mix too. Ran for 195m last week coming back from an injury.
LOL love it "The Simon O’Manner Inn"

No problem with the team
Hope Kearny's working with our left edge defence
It's also where Titans scored their tries in the last quarter of the trial

If we play to same form I'm expecting to beat them well
I know some will warn against taking the Titans to lightly (ZzZzz)
But my bookies cash says by 13+ :wacky:
Looking forward to the game , will be at the park

Lets Gone Warriors!!!
Awesome because game is on St Patrick Day's, I like to remind everybody on here of another patron saint of Ireland, Saint Bridget, who I shit you not was said to be able to turn bathwater into beer, kind of like what happen with NZ Warriors performance last week against South Sydney Rabbitohs. I'm happy with there not being any changes with our lineup this week. Let's just hope that Coach Stephen Kearney can keep miracles coming. Go NZ Warriors ... :)
Happy with the status quo "Toe Dipper" makes the guys in the regies dig deep to earn a spot and allows for combinations to get stronger.
Don't know about Cook but willing to give him another go, if we lost, he'd be gone.
Another worry was Gavet's second dig was a tad soft, again benefit of the doubt should improve with more sustained game time.
Kata and Ken I'm hoping will be fine, don't know if there is anything in regies better at this stage.
Feeling ALMOST confident.


This year yet?
Yup fair enough team played well should be rewarded with Re-selection.
Club has a massive opportunity here ALOT of the bandwagon era have jumped back on in the last week, put in a solid performance at home and it will do the club wonders. Can’t take the Tits lightly though they bit Canberra big time
According to FOX Blake green & Sol kata have viruses

'Early mail: Kevin Proctor has been issued a warning from the NRL after a ‘squirrel grip’ on Jordan Rapana. A handful of Warriors - including Blake Green and Solomone Kata - have picked up a virus. They’ll be monitored during the course of the week.'

Hoping this virus issue sorts itself out well in advance of game day - heard quite a few of the team were ill in Perth both pre and post match also?
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Round 4-5 is going be very very interesting then Gizzyfan?
Imagine winning 3 or 4 on the trot , and having Mannering and Beale fit.

By then we don't know what injuries there will be. I guarantee some guys will be beat up and sore and will need a break, but we will see.

The art of coaching is to know who will respond to criticism, that needn't be a negative thing. Is it form, is it technical, lack of concentration, hiding an injury, just bad luck. All things to take into account.

Ever Hopeful

I'm going to go against the grain here, but I'm not a fan of the whole 'never change a winning side' mentality. To me it is retrospective. I appreciate that blokes played well and with pride in Perth, but you have to be one step ahead of the game in the NRL.

I'm not saying I am unhappy with the team named, I just hope there is not the rigid old-school approach of tradition - be innovative.

Benefits of the same side:

  • Allow longer for combinations to be effective
  • Reward for effort
  • Copy and paste doesn't take as long allowing more time for the process

Negatives of the same side:

  • Not rewarding effort in ISP/training paddock
  • Guys get too comfortable in their spots/ competition not generated = (potentially) urgency lacking, mistakes made.
  • Team naming lacks a horses for courses approach towards the opposition
  • Potentially a better player left on the sidelines in favour of an inferior one out of coach loyalty
  • Harder for the opposition to plan against new combinations they haven't made plans for

Personally I would not have Cook, but SK will have a better idea than us about where Lawson fits (Roache is such an enormous loss). Paasi needs to be playing FG, especially against his old mates. I still hope Vete is our future, but can understand him having an ISP run first. Maumalo and Kata played reasonably well, I hope it continues. Not a fan of waiting for a player to have a shocker you know is coming before they are benched. Maumalo and Kata are still THAT guy to know it is coming. Actually you don't, but you get my drift. I am hopeful of eating a bit of humble pie at the end of the year.

I'm glad SK stripped the team back to the basics last year and that the club removed the passengers, they have a good foundation to build a much different team onto now.

What a great game in Perth, I can't wait for this week.
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