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NRL 2018 Round 2 - General Discussion

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A thread for all 2018 Round 2 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) )...
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i picked all home teams in my nrl picking, except for Cows to beat Broncs and Dragons to beat Sharks, which suprisingly wasnt the favourite bet !
Gee Sharks and Dragons are boring bloody sides...this is a quality game overall though.

You can't predict who will win with these real deal sides.
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This year yet?
Pretty bad game. Both sides had a shit half, Sharks 2nd half was just shitter than the Dragons first half
Just tried looking for teamlists on the NRL. Website. How bad is the new site? It looks terrible and you can't find anything anymore

Looks to me like they have tried hard to move more towards a news type website.

I won my tipping comp last year and a lot of successful tips came down to the updated team lists an hour before kick off - can't find them anywhere this season
I hate the new site and the new format for the teams sites. Very difficult to navigate and bland. Preferred the old set up for team lists and draw...
I agree totally.There wasn't much wrong with the previous site at all.The new one is extremely frustrating and in fact looks like it comes from about 6 years ago.Classic case of changing something that wasn't actually broken in the first instance.
Must be part of the NRL's famed budgeted spending on "digital strategies"......what a load of crap.
Mind you nothing surprises me when the old Chairman ( who didn't know who Cameron Smith was or thought Manly were the "Seagulls") is literally laughed out of office and replaced by a greasy politician who despite "loving and following the game for 40 years" doesn't know whether Cronuula are the seagulls,sharks or wombats.........what a frigging wally.
Typical NRL head office ........useless.

Back to what really matters........bring on the Titans.
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I like Isaac Liu,. makes some good metres - although not for next ten minutes although bulldogs player ran right at him...............;)