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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Apr 12, 2012
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Could that be why they've got Lawton on the extended bench - straight replacement for Lino if he doesn't hold up this week?

Shouldn’t even be on the extended though. Lawton can at least properly cover hooker (which should be priority number one with Luke’s recent woes) as well as centre and at a pinch, the halves.

Jazz can do a piss poor job as a hooker or be a way undersized forward that offers less than no attack + okay tacklebot numbers.

It’s fucking dumb. Blair, Tohu Harris, Mannering, Bunty, Papa and Paasi are all capable of playing prop or 2nd row (Blair, Mannering and Pap can also cover lock). Most of those guys can play big minutes too, so Jazz is fuckin useless.


Glad to see Lisone dropped it's been coming for some time, good to see Satae get another chance, it's now his spot to lose, he's been dominant in ISP these past few weeks.

On Saturday he played 58 minutes for 12 runs 134 meters 57 post contact meters 5 tackle breaks 32 tackles which is pretty standard for him now in that competition.


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Mar 28, 2015
An interesting one, but am pleased with that side SK has named all things considered.

Really glad he wielded the axe on Lisone and hope he is made to really earn a spot back over time. He showed some great glimpses in the first couple of games, but has gone back to his old ways in the last few rounds. Am surprised he stuck with him for so long to be honest.

Glad that Lino is feeling confident to play, but judging by the look of that extended bench I am guessing Lawton would slot in there if not right. Also glad to see Luke has been given the green light for this weekend. From what SK just alluded to radiosport, Luke wasnt far off last week but felt he would be better with a week off. That way of thinking and managing the group is something that will hopefully help us at the back end of the season.

Am pleased to see Satae get rewarded with a spot on the bench and am hopeful he gets the opportunity to play. I really liked how he played during the trials this year and from the little I have seen of ISP he has stood out there too. Another big body and can hopefully bring some physicality.

Like others am surprised that Jazz survives for another week, but think with Luke playing close to 80 we will see far less time of Jazz and none of his dummy half service. But feel he still has a role to play by bringing some energy off the bench at certain stages.


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May 13, 2017
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So Kearney learnt half a lesson, but not the whole lesson.

Mannering is now the bench lock role that plays 60 when Blair moves to prop at 20mins. Luke has a cooked shoulder and knee, so the likelihood of someone having to come on at hooker is up there, so why Tevaga when you have Lawton who is spades better??

This makes no sense.
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Mar 30, 2012
Thing about persisting with under performers for longer than people like, is it gives then zero room to complain.
If you cut after one poor game, there's the ability for people to claim that it was out of character
You are assuming that that particular logic is being used by Kearney. If so, please explain Ligi Sao's fall from the first grade team?


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Mar 5, 2016
After watching him on Saturday i'd say he is quite some way off being ready for first grade, his kicking game was to be honest... awful.
Definitely a bright future ahead of him but now is not the time.
Some of us could say the same about Shaun Johnson.. His kicking is just as bad, atleast Chanel tries to tackle unlike Shaun Johnson.


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Feb 19, 2017
Lisone out , good move.
Has satae been performing better or more consistently than Sao in isp?
Hopefully Luke plays 80. Jazz can do his running around sideways thing.
Let's fucking smash those eels.
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May 7, 2012
Load of rubbish, I would back Shaun Johnson to make a tackle any day of the week
You probably quoted a troll....sock account.

Johnson is the best defender in the backline, he has to make the most tackles for starters, he has missed a couple of hum dingers when the line has been out of sync, but front on he almost never misses his man, that is why when he plays the teams overall defensive stats are markedly better than having Lino parked out on the wing.

Happy with the team overall, Lawton I have no idea what SK is thinking there though I will wait till an hour before kick off to cast judgement.

Tevaga I can understand, Luke (assuming he is properly fit) makes a lot of damaging dummy half scoots off the back off Jazz running, which is part of how they get this kick up a gear when their lesser bench forwards come onto the field (there is an overlap with Luke and Jazz anyhow and provided they stick to the short spells they use Jazz when Lukes there....I get it).

The third element for the speeding up the ruck was reliant on Lisone.

In the end I couldn't wait to see him dropped...however looking back I can see why they gave him so many opportunities, a lot of time was invested in the guy being that attack running forward....and more importantly it was working brilliantly.,.,,I get the mindset that you try to fix flaws before throwing the whole product out.

Hopefully Lisone fixes his defence...I think that was his real downfall with the coaches Axe being swung in the very end.

Satae copped a bit of an injury last week though clearly not too serious, I am happy for him this week and really hope he has a solid game.

It would not surprise me to see Lino out.

In which case, based on that two sets of benchs anything is possible with SK, especially this year...he is not sitting back and doing the same copy and paste of last season...there are consistent changes happening after losses.
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