Team List NRL 2018 Round 11 - Eels vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Jun 21, 2012
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NRL 2018 Round 11 - Eels vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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NZWF Official thread for the 2018 Round 11 Warriors team list and discussion...

The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...


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May 8, 2012
today will be the first interesting naming all year, as with out princess and bully, will Tevanga and Lisone be in the team becomes a real question after their efforts on the weekend.
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Apr 12, 2012
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Yeah, pretty concerned about our situation in the halves, but hopefully we can get a spot filler in there and Green plays out of his skin. We really need this win. Parra will be beyond frustrated after their last couple of games, so hopefully it's a distracting kind of frustration and not a 'we're going to play out of our skin today' kind of frustration. I'd hope our boys will be pretty pissed off too after last week, but I'm not convinced it's enough to overcome SK's inevitable naming of Jazz at halfback.


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Mar 28, 2015
“Issac Luke should be right to face Parramatta, and the Warriors will also welcome back Shaun Johnson from an ankle injury, providing he can prove his fitness levels.” - This from

Wouldn’t put my house on it but thought best to share.
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Apr 9, 2016
I think Parra is the last team you wanna play right now. Narrow losses all year. Been getting better each round. Will be so important to score first and get them under pressure. They get a few early and we’re done


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May 1, 2012
Pretty sure the club will name at least one of Johnson or Lino in the squad even if they are both unlikley to play. Pretty frustrating that they have given no update on Johnson.
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Jul 19, 2016
Here we go. Personally shocked that he's gone with Jazz over Lawton for that 14 spot - would've thought that with Mason and Luke being recently injured, you'd rather have a genuine replacement option. Hoping it's more SK mind games.

Hurray that Lisone is gone though!

1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c)
2 David Fusitua
3 Peta Hiku
4 Solomone Kata
5 Ken Maumalo
6 Blake Green
7 Mason Lino
8 Bunty Afoa
9 Issac Luke
10 Agnatius Paasi
11 Isaiah Papalii
12 Tohu Harris
13 Adam Blair

14 Jazz Tevaga
15 Chris Satae
16 James Gavet
17 Simon Mannering
18 Gerard Beale
20 Karl Lawton
21 Albert Vete
22 Anthony Gelling


Sep 10, 2012
Glad Sams gone - plenty for him to work on in ISP, effort on effort for several games in a row should be his ticket back (if at all).

I’m speculating Lino’s still not certain and Garbage will come in at Ctr, Hiku to 5/8 on the day.

See how we go but would love to see a dominant performance from the boys friday night.
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Jul 19, 2016
The most frustrating thing is Jazz at 14. Knew it would happen. Still pissed off. He’s fucking useless.

Apart from that, Beale at 18 makes me think they aren’t confident in Lino’s fitness and Hiku will play *shudder*

Could that be why they've got Lawton on the extended bench - straight replacement for Lino if he doesn't hold up this week?
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