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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Mr Frank White

Warriors 1st Grader
May 19, 2012
  1. Beale at half pace looked better that Hiku has..
  2. That deliberate pass into a player clearing the ruck is as bad as diving..
  3. We STILL lack an enforcer.. Worrying trend showing that when teams start to get a roll on against us, the Warriors pack goes missing. I think Luke is probably the only guy putting shots on out there, and its getting embarrassing.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 13, 2012
Such grit. Such defence in the middle part of the game. Fusitua and Ken were fantastic. Harris immense in defence. Luke gave his all. Another burrow at the line. Green leading the way. Lino kicked well. But yeah the defence was impressive. Boy i love those defensive efforts. Hard to watch but feels so good at the end. Holding them out at the end was also very satisfying. Tough win. And so good to bounce back.


Warriors Bench Player
Jul 8, 2016
  1. Beale at half pace looked better that Hiku has..
  2. That deliberate pass into a player clearing the ruck is as bad as diving..
  3. We STILL lack an enforcer.. Worrying trend showing that when teams start to get a roll on against us, the Warriors pack goes missing. I think Luke is probably the only guy putting shots on out there, and its getting embarrassing.
Beale has gotta be first named centre moving forward. Apart from that howler in defence that lead to a try he was bloody good. I’m Happy to put that total misread from Beale down to a few cobwebs in the system upon making his return to 1st grade, in saying that I won’t be so lenient moving forward.

Flip of the coin on who misses out between kata and Hiku, id say Hiku keeps a spot and kata gets dropped. Beale to left centre to minimise disruption on the edges. Ken might get a bit more ball with Beale on his inside

As for that “pass” into Luke. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, the referees boss has to say about that. Surely if Luke is deemed to be interfering with the play he gets penalised on the spot. For the play to go on and have that outcome, I struggle to understand how the eels got the call to go their way. Oh well, another 2 points, big game next week


Warriors 1st Grader
Aug 28, 2013
I must have watched a different game from what most of you did.

After the shallacking we got last week by the Roosters I was glad we won last night.

Most of you guys forget when former Warriors play the Warriors they step up big time. Always been the case, and that's what kept Parra in the game. Their heart, their desire. When they got on a role we didn't have much possession. So we had to ride that out, and wait for our opportunity to come, and turn it back into our favor. And thank god we did.

No one has spoken about our first half.

At one point we were 12/12. The Eels were half that.

Then that second half was because we stuffed up a little, and allowed Parra back into the game thanks to former Warriors,

And again you guys go on about our defensive liabilities. Okay yes thats because of what happened with the Broncos, Storm, and Roosters games, I see that. But that defense in the second half. Wow. Even after they scored two tries to hit the lead. Warriors teams of the last 6-7 years would have rolled over once Parra got back into the match. Not this year. We stayed with them until they made the mistake.

I am also glad we had Beale playing his first game. He's just back from a broken leg, and last week was his first ISP game. The guy tonight made awesome tackles. I'd have him in over Hiku going forward if Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is back next week. And I like Hiku but not for his defense.

What a difference Issac Luke makes, even at 50 percent. Please re-sign him Management. We need Johnson back, and thankfully if baby arrives we will have Roger Tuivasa-Sheck back. We missed his leadership tonight, his influence, his energy.

I worried about Green, he's no Johnson. But then he came to life in the second half and some of his kicks that he produced got us back in the game. He's good, but he needs Johnson back.

8 wins from 11 games, how good is that. We're third. At the moment we are 4 points ahead of Storm, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Tigers, Sharks and Broncos. Storm, Rabbitohs and Sharks still have games to be played this weekend, so on that we could be 2 points ahead of them. Everyone else we are 4 points. Which means we can afford to carry on and going WLWLWLWLWL if we need to. I don't want to, but I have a feeling it may get that way over the coming weeks.

Other than the Broncos in 9th place. We are 6 points clear of the Knights in 10, and 8 points clear of the Raiders in 11. Come on guys be positive. We are finals bound.

Like I said I must have been watching a different game last night than most of you.

We needed to come back from that shallacking and we did. First half we competeted at almost 100 percent and no one else mentions that.

Yes we were playing a bottom of the table team, but it's those types of teams that are banana skin matches for us. And we got away with one this time around.

We are better than what some of you are making out. If it's because of the last 6-7 years I understand that.


That defense in the second half albeit those two tries that the Eels scored was what kept us in the game, and got us the win.

Take the win and be happy. Because after last week I was so angry that I couldn't watch any other league game.

But last night made my weekend better.

I'll say it and I'll be proud to say it, because I love history side of things. I will be watching the Royal Wedding tonight. Because I watched Wills and Kate, and even way back then Diana and Charles wedding. I was so young then.

Anyway so happy with the result, so happy the boys came back after that debacle last week, and so happy we are pulling away from the bottom 8, albeit 9th.

Take it and run with it.

Far North Forever

1st Grade Fringe
Mar 5, 2013
Pretty shithouse performance. Not many stand outs apart from maybe Luke.

I like the defensive potential of Beale at centre, always so busy although did have one shocking read that let in that try, but apart from that made some big time head on tackles.

Hiku almost played himself out of the team tonight imo, extremely dumb move going towards the sideline on that play. I think it might be Kata v Hiku for the other centre spot going forward and they've invested too much into Kata for them not to pick him.

I don't give a fuck if he was our best forward last year, Gavet needs some time in reserve grade, he's getting rocked on every single hitup, which puts us under pressure. Bring in Sao for him and keep letting Satae develop on the bench.
Gavet looks like Tarzan plays like Jane either cut that hair or fuckoff you ain't Hercules


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
Sorry. Still losing my shit after THAT call.

Worst fucking call of the season. How the fuck can u gain a penalty for bouncing the ball on a player lying prone on the ground? Green should of asked that ref "ok who did he stop him passing the ball to?......a worm?"

I want heads after that game. Disgraceful!
Thanks for mentioning that; thought I was seeing things. I was watching at a bar at a conference. I thought I saw that happen but couldn't beleive it. If they showed a replay I didn't catch it, so wasn't sure what I saw was right.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
We got another 2 points which is the main thing. Also another 2 points on the road which is another bonus.

A win without Roger Tuivasa-Sheck or Johnson will be a big confidence booster for the side.

Love Fusitua under the high ball attack or defense he is damn safe. We went to the right on the last tackle a few times which I thought would be better to kick the other way. Then Maumalo takes on and we score so what do I know.


1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
It was always going to be a ugly win. I think we won because the guys didn't overplay their hand knowing they were missing some serious strike power.
Some of you need to get your eye patch off when it comes to the ref. I don't recall one held in the tackle penalty against us being unfair. Offside is hard to comment when watching on TV. Sure we have had some bad calls but I think there was nothing wrong last night (besides the Luke one obviously)

Also I think I have solved Gavet's hair...he ties it up for D and let's it out on attack (when time permits). Maybe it is a bit of superstition?


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
I thought Hiku did pretty well covering full back. He's not a natural in that position at all, but he was good.

Beales defense really stands out. He puts on some real uplifting shots, with his timing and game awareness combined with some really inventive techniques. It looks fucken cool on the telly.

Was nice to see big Ken running in some space. He just needs to believe he can get to the try line and really go for it IMO. That will make him so much harder to stop.

Fusitua maybe topped his previous best flying to the corner try. Oppositions have to defend so wide to keep him out. It's just great.

Kata was good on defense. He's stopped flying out of the line, and is getting into position better. He's a slow but steady improver. Next on the to do list for him is creating nice attacking structures on the fly. If he can do that then he becomes a real footy player.

Paasi is starting to find his old ways again. He was running some nice angles, searching for the weak spots. It's only a matter of time before he opens up a defensive line like a can of sardines...

Gavet is copping some stick, but he was hitting up into the big boys all night. Someone's got to that job, otherwise they don't get fatigued and run riot all over us.

I'd like to see Satae helping Gavet out with that. He's got the brute force to make a dent. But it seems he's only ever getting on the field when we're defending. Maybe it's Kama teaching him how to play defense at the FG level before he becomes a superstar impact forward.

Afoa got us over the line at the end. His energy at the death was immense. For a small forward he really knows how to change the momentum of a game. I really think Satae making a dent, and then Afoa with the second punch will be very nice in games to come.

Mannering was his usual self. Some awesome tackles that went largely unnoticed, and some howling offensive errors that were incredibly visible. He usually does that on the late games tho.

Blair wasn't as aggressive as I'd have liked. But he was still solid as.

Papali'i is good for his age and experience. Very good. Very very good. 19 years old, with 12 FG games. When he's 24 with 125 FG games behind him, he'll be 10 kgs heavier and an absolute beast ball in hand. We're probably looking at a Marty Tapou type transformation with his power-lifting background. Think Shaun Johnson level awesome. Very exciting prospect indeed. Shush everyone. We don't want the other clubs to notice.

Harris was solid, but doesn't really stand out without Shaun Johnson. The structures weren't there like he needs them to be.

Luke MOM for me. Even when he's playing at half power he still out maneuvers his opposition. When you're getting awesome decision making from the front it makes everything else possible.

Jazz is becoming one of my favorites. I always like someone who defies the odds and creates an unorthodox spot for them-self at the top of their profession.

Lino had another good fill in game. He's certainly limited in what he can do, but those things he can do he does very well.

Green was consistently good. Probably the best complement you can give anyone in this game.

All in all, a nice win against the odds against an Eels team that really didn't want to lose.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 1, 2016
Wow. How many tries could Fusitua score if we absolutely get our shit together consistently?

Kata and Ken - well done chaps.

Paasi - great way to back up from last week. Proud of you.

Gavet - not sure about you at the moment. Strange. Maybe if you have next week on extras for fitness and a lesson on running harder from Bunty. I will also send you a discontinued bungy cord from skycity to tie up your glorious flowing locks if gorgeousness. I will also call your 3rd party sponsors "Pantene" to thank them for their involvement in improving your league abilities.

Green - way to hold the fort while 50% of the spine stay home playing fortnite.

Hiku - take the good with the ratshit.

Beale - good job. More troops the better imo.

Jazz - you're a glue guy. Not much else.
Bunty - I like you better in a starting role.

Satae - didn't really notice you.


1st Grade Fringe
May 18, 2012
I watched the broncos roosters game straight after. Was played at a far higher skill level and intensity. Hopefully it was a case of the warriors lowering their level to their weaker opposition but since both those teams have beaten us now im unsure.

Gavet seems to hit the defensive line too upright. He hits hard but is easily driven back by the lower down defenders.

As other posters have pointed out there was an even worse pass into a player on the ground from dummy half in the broncos game. Surely the refs will have to start ruling that area differently it’s getting embarrassing.

Tohu Harris looks far more dangerous when Johnson is playing. Without him the left side is solid. With him it’s lethal.

Can someone explain to me the rules for quick taps for penalty’s? There was a couple in this match but they are rare now. What needs to occur fornthebteam to be allowed to take them?

Overall I thought the eels were terrible but it was exactly the type of game we would have lost in the past so glad to see the team finish it off.

Seems like our days of beating top teams then getting smashed by minnows are over.

Tim burgess

1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2012
A win is a win. The Warriors show some resiliance in the second half.

Luke was outstanding also along with Fusitua and Beale show some nice touches for a guy just coming back from injury.

Raw Power

1st Grade Fringe
Aug 30, 2016
Luke made a massive difference but Harris topped the tackle count for both teams and defence won that game no doubt. No coincidence that Mannering was prominent in a lot of that defence as well.

Fusitua is on top of the try scoring table still so can be classed as the best winger in the NRL.

Any other year since 2011 we would have lost that game by a margin.

We are clear 3rd but 6th on goal difference which will probably improve during SOO. I think we are certainties for top 8 and a runner for top 4.
I'd like to think we can improve our For and Against soon, but (sometimes, through our own fault)...

is it just me or most times when the Warriors look dominant and are looking at a putting on a Cricket score, the refs seem to feel sorrow for their opponents and find ways to give the opposition a leg up to even the game up!

I hate having a rant against the Refs for as many bad calls over many years against the Kiwis IMHO actually made us a formidable and Stronger team!

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