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ive seen 2 of the games so far this week and boy were they shit games. cowboys were super shit thursday night though. I dont think the warriors have much to worry about falling out of the 8 seeing that so far.
I agree. We played the second best team. So weve lost to #1 and #2 and beaten them once and beaten #3 and we are 4 at sportsbet. So we have pretty much won everything else with 4 of the 5 being top 8 contenders. i think we are showing form but disrespecting teams that are due to hit form. they broncos and storm game was an easy pick for me. this one not so much, mostly because we beat them so bad away.
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Geez, i'd take a week on the sideline for a dangerous conduct charge with giving Steve Roach a severe uppercut, makes Daryl Halligan the best commentator.......... :mad::mad: Roach just doesn't shut up