General NRL 2018 Round 10 - General Discussion


Didn't we chase after TMM ?

Half heartedly, had Lino and Hingano at the time so unclear what they were planning on doing with all of them. he made the right choice to go up north though.

Before that try cowboys looked exactly like a team thats been in the pub all week bothering the sheilas.

They can't have built Michael Morgan a big enough house, he is stealing money something terrible this year.

Mr Frank White

Thought they were doing alright with a mediocre roster.

True, they are punching above their weight, but fans are carrying on like they are up there with us and the Drags.
Haven't seen a dominant performance yet from them.

Cows are absolute rubbish this game, and Tigs are two points up
Nice try to young Esan Marsters, cows are mince.

Benji's lost his mojo last few weeks, maybe junior's keeping him up all night. How did these clowns beat Melbourne twice?