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Are you jumping on another bandwagon? If so which team?

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The storm will destroy them with sharks going in with injuries to key players. Bad luck panthers. I use to like the Sharks when they didnt win prems. ET was one of my favs of all time.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Maloney cooked that prime field goal set, then the hooker throws it above Clearys head. Good pass and he nails that, highly unfortunate.
which year is he planning on teaching his centres how to pass/defend, use full 13 players on the field, make good use of the bench, selections etc?
pretty much. what do you think his 3 year plan has been given hes copied what bellamy and benz have taught him?(and hes succeded at completions year 1, fitness and defence year 2complete success in goal line, they need to work on defense in open field like every 10 metres is the try line)

I think we need to sign a quality centre who can break the line like Shaun Johnson or Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, but also pass. which for me means putting Kata back to ISP and teaching when to pass and when to run, because he is a talent and a good defender, he also needs to learn not to run over people every pass.

I think we get that centre weakness we have right and we do focus on set plays, players running look lewis angles off Shaun Johnson etc, we will be deadly.

I think give Ken another couple of seasons on Wing and copy what they did do with Luke Lewis. I remember him when he was quite thin. Hes not a tall unit but his size makes him look big. Ken running those lines, unstoppable.
just saw the the Hawthorne v Melbourne....what the crowd attendance at the sharks game?

about 90,000 as opposed to the Sharks and Panther's 20,000

crazy how popular AFL is, their crowds would dwarf NRL and Super Rugby crowds put together (and most of the teams are based in Victoria!)

I don't know if it'd fix crowd attendance but they need more games out of Sydney. Should kick out these clubs that are constantly breaking the rules and bring in teams in other areas.

This sydney-centric bs is ruining the competition.
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