Post Match NRL 2018 - FINALS Week 1 - Panthers vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Full credit to Jimmy Maloney - getting up from that hit and icing the game. Nervey play and no real game plan from our guys. They looked wiped out after 20 mins and didn’t seem to recover. The commentators were overcooking it though - the Panthers were good but not brilliant, they just dealt with the occasion and nerves better and stuck to a game plan. I wouldn’t mind if we’d just lost to an eventual Grand Final team - but I don’t see the Panthers getting that far...

Can you imagine what would happen if Johnson took a hit like that?

Would be a career ending ovary injury.
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Disgusted ..... Fuck I hate Maloney just too good for our DUMB ass half's let's kick another BOMB working really well ...FUCK OFF princess you are not worth 1mill if you don't step it up when we need you ... Kata your new name DUMBDUMB
U can have dumb players in yr team but when ya pair them up like kata an ken thats easy target. Million dollar man turned into the scared meer cat again. Jazz rips in but him an manners kill our attack. Simon still a legend tho.
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That game looked exactly like last season.

Dumb errors, slow ptb's and a complete lack of game management.

And on defense we let them get away with the fastest play the balls. There's no winning with this game plan.
At the start of 2018 I thought we were short of hard running props needed 2 more. We got Leeson. We need one more to cover injuries we would have Paasi Gavet Afoa Leeson Satae still need one more. Couple of those Panthers forwards would be good.,
We finished 8 th and got bundled out first finals game bit short of good props to go any further.
2 really good props out there tonight would have had Blake and Shaun able to do more.
Kata though ,, jeez Even Konnie has more game intelligence.
Roll on 2019 and thank you Simon for a tough remarkable career.
Those pathetic losses against Titans and Bulldogs cost us the season. Lets be honest we were never beating a Penrith team with that kind of roll on.

Leeson coming in will boost us. Re-sign Luke at all costs. I think Kata needs to be shown the door, he offers nothing outside of 5m out from the line. If Beale is on the kind of money I think he's on, then he needs to go as well.

Tevaga has been good this year, but if he's after more money than he's currently on then he should go too. Every team needs those bargain buy players coming off the bench, next year I think Roache can be that guy off the bench.
Well shit...
Bitterly disappointed that it had to end like that but in the end we couldn’t step it up for finals.
Penriths finals experience showed and unfortunately you could tell at the ground we were shot shortly into the second half. Need to seriously look at our bench use we had no punch when Tevaga was on.

All in all a better season than the last 7 and improvements have been made- I think success this year was making the finals, I hope this is another 2001 year and we give it a real crack next year.

Please brothers and sisters let’s not run the team or each other down, it was a good year and we’ll be back on the roller coaster next year
if you went through every one of our players and highlighted the main issues/weaknesses in their game you would have seen it all tonight on the field.

it was a genuine reflection of the quality of this team in the cauldron of semi final football.
Of course there’s a shit load to dissect about the game and the season, but for now I’m just proud of the way the boys hung in there tonight.
They were all knackered in that second half and Maloney did a beautiful job of strangling us but we really dig in and showed plenty of fight.
Our soft underbelly is a thing of the past.
Obviously we still have a ways to go but we’re definitely on the right path!
Proud of the boys and staff!!

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