General NRL 2018 FINALS Week 1 - General Discussion

The amount of young talent the donkeys have coming through, especially in the forwards, they’ll be a top of table force again very soon.
Need to sort their halves out though.
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Boys, we’re getting a good one in Leeson Ah Mau, he ran for more meters than anyone in that game and didn’t miss a tackle, just a solid and consistent professional which is handy because we just retired one of those.

Difference is this guy we be a cornerstone of our engine room which is much needed.
We need to hire their coaching staff to get us ready for big games lol. I think Johnson could use some Pyschology to get him back to his potential. You just cant go into these games thinking its like a reg season game. Its intensity and play the ball is so much faster. How we didnt get ready for that with all our experience. I think we had it for 20 minutes and then we just gave up, thats not expected in such a game.
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