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So I'm watching this game on a live stream that also has live chat & the Donks fans there are absolutely losing their shit :rage::hilarious:

One guy threatened to kill me when I typed ... Donks Can't Play - Ben Hunt ( for those who don't know that's a script flip on the infamous Alfie Langer sledge )

Small consolation I know ... but I'll take it ... I'm petty like that lol
I hate to repeat it, but the reason I called the Red V to win, Ben Hunt got psychological help. I knew he would turn up to play. The team is far more intense than the broncos. And getting Gareth back in half back it just finished off how they would get back to their earlier quality.

Too me it just seemed so obvious the Broncos would take this too easy and the V would just play like they have confidence that they will win.

Ben hunt and Gareth Awesome, but some of the forwards (Sims) and backs have been ready for their playbook.
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I don't really have anything against the Broncos, but CARNNN DRAGONZZZ. If they hammer the Bronc @ Suncorp, our finals exit isn't the most embarrassing.

... actually Boyd scores. If the Dragons crumble from here, it'd be even worse.
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Broncos doing what we should have and just throwing caution to the wind as they chase a massive lead. Win or loss, at least they won't die wondering.
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