Post Match NRL 2017 - Round Bluey - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Good result: 3 - 3 is a much better place to be than 2 - 4. And 12 to the good on the points difference will do us no harm, either.

Never felt that the game was in any real doubt, we always looked the better side, and to be honest I wouldn't have traded any of our guys out for any of the Eels. Maybe they were suffering from losing Bevan French and having to reshuffle their back line, just as we were a bit dazed and confused a few games back when we had to reshuffle around a missing Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, but whyever it happened, we were the better side on the day, and I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it wasn't only down to the Eels misfiring but that it could also reflect genuine ongoing improvement in what we're doing.

The spine is working - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck getting back to that terrific Roosters form, Issac is much more effective in his dummy-half running, and we now have two playmakers in the halves. All good. Plus Simon did an even larger job than usual today (74 Fantasy points right now, top performer for either side). And who knew that Bodene makes such an effective try-scoring centre? Plus let's keep Gavet as a starter, he can really bend the defence.

All that said, I wouldn't say we are quite the finished article yet, either. We're making a lot less errors, and completing more of our sets, but our defence is still a work in progress, and I wouldn't call us an exciting try-scoring machine, either.

But let's not niggle. A very important two points in the bag. Well done all.

Mr Frank White

If the team stays relatively healthy, and consistent, with maybe Mutts in for Gubb, I give the team a good chance against a lot of teams.
We've been lucky to face a battered Titans team, and then Parra missing French, but it happened to coincide with Foran coming back.
This has shown it's self as confidence on the field, and deserved it not, this should only benefit the team.

Everyone knows that when the warriors are at their best, they can beat any team
in the comp.
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I thought both terms were average with the Eels missing French in a big way . I can't see us getting more than one win against

Raiders Storm Roosters Panthers Dragons Broncos next six game....
This Warriors team should be able to compete with Dragons and Roosters, the other 4 might be a stretch

Jordan G

Next 2 games are very tough. All games after that are winnable.

Broncos game might overlap with Origin too.
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Went to the Titans raiders game last night. Raiders truly do have a MONSTER pack. and one Jordan rapana carving it up along with Leilua Austin Sezer etc. Be a real challenge for us to win at Canberra!
To todays games big up to Kearney, Mcnmara, Jones. You could see there was a game plan and the boys stuck to it.
I love how James Gavet plays just no fear to me he is a hungey junk yard dog. A boy from the back streets who has had a hard road to make it it in the NRL.
Team effort today. Mannering playing better than last year adds something in attack now as well as his outstanding defence. the Blake/Fusitua things works well. And the whole team benefits from not having to carry a lacking in confidence Tui Lolohea.
NSW Cup team now 6 out of 6. Talk over here is Foran going to play for Hasler next year. Mason Lino and Ata will step up next year.
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You can see the boys slowly gaining confidence in our game plan, when we go away from it we become the 'old Warriors'.

I thought we did exceptionally well to limit the Eels offloading, we'll need to back that up against the Raiders next week if we're to stand any chance of containing them.

Kata was better, Fusitua was very strong with ball in hand.

Not sure what happened to Sao, he played minimal minutes.

Matulino must be close to a return, we'll need him against the Raiders.
He was out doing the photo thing with fans, son and his mates got a photo with him. Poor buggger having to do crap like that.
Amazing the difference a player makes. Mutts to come but what a difference not only Foran but Gavet has made. He is our star forward. Mannering is a beast for work on and off the ball but Gavet has literally lifted our front row stocks. Sao has made an impact but Gavet take a bow. Re-sign him now.
As has been said by a couple of people the next month will be a real litmus test of where we are, playing teams not just vying for top 8 but vying for top 4. On current form our 3 wins have come against teams who will be propping up the bottom of the table come the end of the season with only the eels having a possibility of fighting for mid-table obscurity.
So shit yes, well glad to be celebrating a win today but just as one swallow doesn't mean she loves ya, one win does not make me faithful, been burnt too many times by this team to think we've turned a corner just yet....