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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Oct 14, 2015
This was the worst game I've seen since............a few weeks ago

Shaun Johnson is a 6, cant kick or organize, only strength is his running game

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck was ok but has failed to live up to 25% of expectations when we signed him

Kata is a damaging runner who has no game sense or any idea what passing means


no clue how lillyman gets picked for us let alone qld

bodene too much of a defensive liability

foran underwhelming

my liquor cabinet is getting depleted far too quickly

and thats a 6th year with no finals

gonna jump on the raiders/sharks bandwagon I guess

Oh yeah and I'd take Mcfadden over Kearney in a heartbeat
Hoff missed a few tackles too!
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1st Grade Fringe
May 15, 2012
Passion in the Warriors Jersey
How can you get passion in the Warriors have to earn it,.
Maybe it has become too easy to wear ... for some of the un- performing regulars.
Time to bring some Juniors up who want to wear it.

Look at the All Blacks..
They put that jersey on and perform at 110%


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
Long weekend this week. My choice was to go away for the weekend, most likely driving while the game is on or stay home. I decided to stay home mainly due to the weather being poor and not wanting to stay inside with the kids while away.

Also partly because if I was driving while the game was on I could miss our fantastic performance of the season. I feel like a real sucker now.:(

Roach said we were getting slow play the balls as we weren't fighting in the tackle. I watch quite closely after that comment. Even after some dominating runs our guys were getting turned over by their smallest players or at one point Fusitua did a good settling run and got an Eels player come along and push him down. Usually I'd be fired up but now it's just shrug my shoulders as even if all of the calls went our way we'd still shoot ourselves in the foot some how.:oops:


1st Grade Fringe
May 18, 2012
i went to the game. good atmosphere sitting with warriors supporters. big ups to the kid who sat a few rows infront of me with his eels mate. he had this big warriors black and grey check flag and kept starting chants. son if you are on this forum hit me up next time you are going to a game

there is a like hundred of stats these days, we have computers that analyse all this data and give us all this pretty graphics and graphs on a screen. but there is no computer in the world that can analyze a mans heart. there is a few players on that team that have huge heart and dig in. James Gavet is one of them.

but after the hit on foran we fired up and seem to show mongrel. thats one thing i want to bring up i mean there is a million cliche sayings like its not the size of the dog blah blah blah, sure we are playing with an undersized pack but geeze if showed mongrel and agression we could match it with the bigger packs. maybe we have too many "athletes" and not enough footballers.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 5, 2014
1st game I have watched for a while, free to air over here.

Too many issues to unravel in a single post, so here are my top 3,

1. Isaac Luke kicking on 4th tackle when we have them stretched and on the rack..defies belief.
2. A defensive line that is at best stationery, if not rolling backwards.
3. Bodene Thompson, what a shell of the player he once was / how the hell is Bunty not playing?


Warriors Bench Player
Mar 13, 2016
Shaun Johnson is a liability to this god forsaken team he is mistake after mistake, panics in possession, doesn't run and can't organise the team. Why on earth would Kearney drop CNK for Kata who has not football smarts to play first grade. He can't pass and that bullocking one up running is well and truly obsolete . This team is s laughing stock in Aus and I am embarrassed to be a supporter. You can see this team has not bonded but exists in groups of players alingned along cultural or racisl lines. I can't see how this club can ever succeed and it is time to leave the NRL for good and concentrate on local league in NZ particularly areas like Canterbury, Wellington and the West Coast for the good of the Kiwi team. This team has crushed my love of the game and like everyone else can't watch them again. Fans need to completly boycott this team now they are are a lost cause and a complete embarrassment.


U20's Player
Mar 6, 2016
Sitting amongst almost 9000 Eels fans wearing Warriors colours, I had a great feeling leading up and into the game. One things for sure it was a well contested match from where I was sitting.

Both teams at the lower end of the table however appeared to display some moderate entertainment.

Although some say it was a terrible display from our beloved, I cant say I saw every angle that our viewers did. I thought although an undesirable result, a fair enough ga.e.

Geez what a difference the home crowd makes. Referees need to stick to their guns and not be so easily turned. Penalties called and not called when they shouldve been and not been. Anyway onto the next week


1st Grade Fringe
Oct 11, 2014
Again like alot of you on here God knows what I am doing continually supporting this team.

I really can't stand seeing a team that I have loved since I was kid, do this to me, time and time again.

If this team was a person and we were in a relationship I would have pity sex with them one last time and then get fuck out of there. This is where I am at with this club. All season long we have had no coach, no captain, no senior players ready to stand up, take responsibility and show some leadership in their actions. Our junior players are all just too inexperience with overall basics in game to command a start in the squad while our star players (bar couple of expectations such as Simon Mannering) are all being selected on loose combination of reputation, past glories and future playing potential. It really is that bad with NZ Warriors and it's only going to get worse before it gets better. That's why seriously guys, I'm out. Dude I am done with this shit ... :(
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Warriors Bench Player
Mar 13, 2016
Cultural or racial lines? How can you see that?
I can see a team like Cronulla play like a team who are mates, have got each other's backs but the warriors I can't see that Maybe a division amongst the Aussies and Polynesian players but they don't play like a team unified or will go into battle together- They just don't seem close like Aussie teams
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1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2016
This is what Kearney gets for putting Kata straight into the squad over a well performing CNK. I'm done with Kata tbh. Just seems like a complete dumbass to me. Like everyone has said he only has eyes for the try line and can only see straight. At 12-12 just before we gave up the try (4th tackle I think?) we get a good thing going on the left with heaps of space for Maumalo only for Kata to fuck it up and run straight into 3 defenders and end up shifting the play back to the right. It was just so predictable Ken might as well have just stood still he was never going to get the ball. Fucking moron how can you not know how to pass at 1st grade level???????????????????????????????????

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