Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 13 - Eels vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Sep 12, 2013
Your Joking!! Embarrassed to support this club.. they've gotten worse under Kearney.. Gould nailed it, the Warriors are just snow flakes that melt away when the heat is on.

Kearney and his support staff are shite. His process isn't working, his journey should end tomorrow.

Why this club continues to play a style of league which doesn't suit the players I don't know. I feel like I've been beating the same drum for the last 6 years.

Time for us Fans to say enough is enough and demand players be held accountable.

The players lack pride in the jersey. Too many have been wearing it for too long and underperformed.

Kata had no right to walk straight back into that team after his performances this year. CNK deserved to keep his spot. Thomson couldn't hit a tackle bag, he is woefully out of form.

Everyone in this team feels safe, no one is ever held accountable except the bench players, rookies & Blake Asyhford. Time for some of these so called professionals to be dropped. The Jersey should be rewarded not a given.

I can't help but feel now this club is dirty to the core. It all starts at te top. Fans keep turning up, buying jerseys and this club keeps making money. Watson ultimately only cares about Money, he's a business man. Nothing will change until the clubs finances take a turn for the worse.

Billy Teets James

We play best when we play jungle ball. So for coaches to come here, & Cut all that out and try and implement a different game plan altogether, With the players we have. Was never going to work.
Ok, So Kearney wants the offload gone altogether!? Why not work on our strengths , What we are good at? It's quite simple isn't it? Lol....If we went a hundy with our fitness, Defense, But kept to the style that suits us best Off the cuff, Forwards off loading in the tackle, Backs supporting the off loader, Hitting holes, Splitting open opposition backlines , The chip & chase? We don't do any of that shit anymore!!

Obviously not every set. But surely the coaches can find a balance of calypso footy & disciplined, Structured footy.
If that is such a thing?? Lol
I'm lost boys. Never been so frustrated.
I don't think we'll ever be a Melbourne or Brisbane type of team.
So why not play to our strengths.
Just refine it, And try and find a balance to suit.

I don't know. I'm gonna angry wank(See you in 2 minutes)

95 'til infinity

1st Grade Fringe
Jul 29, 2013
I am kinda warried that the International KIWI Spine, cannot beat a B grade Parramatta team.

Not looking forward to the RL World cup this year with that lot

I guess the positive to take out of that is they'll have the likes of Taumalolo and Ma'u running those edges instead of fucken Thompson and Hoffman.

Iafetas Kickstand Wang

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 21, 2012
My thoughts...

Positives. Issac was awesome. Fusitua and Maumalo got us out of trouble with their carries. Vete was putting in. Forans ball playing is sensational. Rogers try was the first time we've really seen his footwork light us up.

Negatives. Kata, Hoffman and Thompson were the difference. Their defensive efforts were appalling. Hoff is showing signs he's slowing down big time. Thompson and Kata have been incredibly poor all year and the coach continues to gloss over it. Kata out, CNK in. Thompson out, Afoa in. That happens and we win comfortably.

Shaun. The lad still hasn't learnt how to play his role without overplaying his role if the gaps aren't there. Lots of panic plays. That grubber has been creeping into his game for a while.

It's staggering. But Roger genuinely cannot defend. He is woeful. Appalling effort. Complete inability to get his body and shoulder into a tackle.

I genuinely think we've got no intensity, desire or fitness. Sooner or later the Warriors have to understand. As players, it's their problem. We can't continually get coaches sacked.

Season over. Again.


U20's Player
May 14, 2016

After the exciting display of football last week we revert to....

Weak one-out runs....playing a one-dimensional centre who flatly refuses to pass the ball....a million-dollar halfback placing shithouse kicks and being terrified of running at the line...getting 4 defenders into a tackle only to see the ball still somehow being away ridiculously dumb penalties at crucial times.

They were humiliated into last weeks performance then went straight back to the embarrassing rubbish that saw jerseys being burned by fans.

I am so over these cu**s! If I never see Kata and Thompson wear a Warriors jersey again I will be happy.
Last weeks football?!? WTF??? All their main players were on origin duty, geezus! Lucky Benji didnt come over to the warriors.
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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Onto the positives:
Maumalo is growing on me as a winger. Was safe. Very slow to get going its as if hes moving in slow motion. Hitups were good...and thats what this club wants from its backs...

Bodene for falling over backwards when trying to make a tackle. Hope a cameraman got the shot because it describes the bumbling fools this team has become.

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