Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 11 - Warriors vs Dragons Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I'm out. Going to put on some Soundgarden and listen to someone who put their whole heart and soul into their work.
Or you could just watch the Broncos and see what we should be aspiring to.

All week we heard about sticking to processes and making up for the 2nd half last week. That didn't really look like a side intent on putting last weeks performance behind them and earning some pride back.
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Fuck didn't read the poll instructions properly, just clicked 1 cause it was the lowest number.

I've always given benefit of the doubt to our players year after year, but for the first time I genuinely believe we need a player clean out. We've had some piss weak performances over the last few years, some of last years bullshit stands out, but this shit tonight was gutless! Our middle was embarrassing, guys were dropping off like they weren't even there or just standing with them allowing offloads. No heart man. We as fans go through the same shit every year with this club, with their soulless performances.
Johnson played like a headless chicken. The fucks going on there man?!
He's a runner, so FUCKN RUN!
Fark I could go on about each of these cats but fuck it, we're just 'outside noise' anyway, what do we know!
Well in my mind I know when a team plays with heart and passion, and we don't have it!!!
I'll exclude James Gavet from that statement, the only dude playing like he gives a fuck. Chur James.
Oh, and CNK at least he try's hard.
Probably not a good day for hanging jokes.

That's what gets me- in the past 5 years there has been some legit excuses but this year there's no excuses they're just shit.
Where do we start.No support play .No offloads.So many missed tackles and thats just the start.fucking pussies
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Sorry fans and ex fans don't blame the coaches(there are enough of them plus the advisory board,) but the headless chooks playing cheif play maker headless p


There’s always next year.
cheer up guys. its only a game.

We have a shit record against the Dragons and away from Mt Smart. Add that and the weak second half last week and there is plenty of motivation to perform.

The Dragons have got their shit together pretty quickly when you look back at McGregor being tipped to be the first coach sacked this year. Hard to judge how well they played when a lot of it was basic rugby league supporting the ball carrier and working over the opposition. Basically they started their sets and we made things easy with poor defence, they capitalised well with guys pushing up to support.

We were lucky they missed a lot of their kicks.

28 missed tackles by half time is unacceptable. This comes off the back of last weeks poor second half which came off one of the best defensive efforts in years. Damn this club makes it hard, gives you hope then takes it away.
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Don't the players have any shame... laughing..signings..after the match and more full the spectators who hang around after taking selfies..autographs etc..
This is the problem the players live in fantasy land ..think they can turn up week after week playing that rubbish...knowing SK won't drop them..some of the crowd hanging around after the games wanting autographs ..selfies long as this occurs week after week..we are doomed...
Where's the second phase play? Why can't they shut down the offloads two weeks in a row and not try to offload themselves FFS!

We...........are........fkn............slow! Slow at marker, slow off the line in defence, slow thinking, slow running, slow reacting, slow at everything.

I can't believe we offered Lillyman another contract when we have a couple of young, 6'3 plus, 115kg props plugging away in ISP, hungry for a shot. Lillyman must've made more metres in reverse than he made going forward, he was dominated that badly. Gavet was the only prop who can hold his head high tonight.