Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 11 - Warriors vs Dragons Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Anyone want a rope ,after watching that.wooden spoon performance

Probably not a good day for hanging jokes.

And fuck, barely any injuries this season. Manners a huge loss in these two games, but we have pretty much had a full strength team for this limp-dick season

That's what gets me- in the past 5 years there has been some legit excuses but this year there's no excuses they're just shit.
When Shaun Johnson dropped the ball to kick and missed it, it was all over. He is terribly out of form but the forwards are also getting dominated, and noone at marker seems to be able to backup and make a second tackle. Then the edges compress to cover and get ripped to pieces.

Warriors are lucky St George put the cue in the rack with 20minutes to go
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Not including over priced drinks and transport. It cost me $114 to take my girlfriend to see the game.

At the start of the season we were told this year isn't about hope or faith but belief.
That's what this team plays like. A group of guys that believe they can win. So much so that they don't even have to match the oppositions effort or energy.
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There’s always next year.
Doesn't make sense to have a NZ dominate team but play a Aussie style game plan.

Not upset anymore, switched off Foxtel to lower the stress levels. Works perfectly, no stress as don't view the never ending losses anymore.

Will be called a fair weather supporter, and happy for it. Because life is better without supporting a side devoid of direction.


This has actually gone past embarrassing to being rather sad.

I couldn't even get cross at the NFL passes, drops balls, missed tackles. I don't care whether Kearny stays or goes. We have long missed the eight, we are actually really embarrassing.

22yrs on and all I can think of is that fucking curved tongue moko - it really was cursed.

Ive just got nothing, like when you finally realise that hot girl you won isn't for you.

Not sure why I would keep going with it TBH.

Have a good weekend boys, leave this rubbish behind.