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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Ligi only played ten min and he gets dropped thats the way Cappy that will show them who's boss ,don't no why Lisone is there he would be the first to get the boot up the arse ,may as well have that kid from the marlins under 10's playing at least he turns up every week.
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Can't be easy having to name your team less than 24 hours after such a shit performance when you still aren't sure everyone has pulled up okay (not that anyone did enough tackling to get hurt).
Might be that there are a few changes before Saturday.
Wells to Fullback, Fusitua on the wing.

If Konnie isn't going to get a run we should swap him, Titans want him ....who have they got?
Take the money, let them buy out his contract. The Warriors arent going to play him and they have signed him for another 2 years. They should take the money if its on offer, before other teams realise his new running style has ruined him
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I honestly think I can let last night go, and move on and see what can be done this season, but seriously, if we put in another performance like last night, I'll pretty much stop watching until 2017, maybe jump on the sharks/eels bandwagon

Our forward pack was the problem and I think they have been for a few years now. Lillyman doesn't provide enough go forward, lisone is a joke, mannering may try hard but I just don't know if he's up to the physical demands of being a first grade NRL player in the forward pack. Hoffman puts on a good show but his influence on the game is pretty damn minimal. We should've skipped signing Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, moved lolohea to FB at the start of the year and tried to recruit some players like brommich, taumololo, Napa, just 1-2 really beasty, hungry props who have a high work rate and are big enough to really go toe to toe with the bigger forward packs in the comp

we should've thrown Roger Tuivasa-Sheck' entire paycheck at the Fafita brothers.

It's hard to win games when the other teams just have their run of the middle all game long
how about we start with a decent coach who can inspire his players first ..
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Take the money, let them buy out his contract. The Warriors arent going to play him and they have signed him for another 2 years. They should take the money if its on offer, before other teams realise his new running style has ruined him
And what's our centre replacement plan if Blake or kata lose form or get injured.
And what's our centre replacement plan if Blake or kata lose form or get injured.
I couldnt care less (Fusitua, any back rower, whatever), this year is done, they need to think about the future

Hurrell wouldnt have been a cheap resigning, they will get better value for money elsewhere
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how about we start with a decent coach who can inspire his players first ..
I dont think Mcfadden is the man for the job, but these guys are on big money playing in a televised sporting event in front of 10+ thousand people each week. If they can't put their best effort into a professional sport then why do we continue to forgive such shitty performances? Coach can't be blamed for literally everything.
Does Gubb have the engine to play lock? I'm surprised they put them there. Also still concerned about who will pick up where mannering left off with all the tackling and tidying up other people's ineffective tackles. 49 tackles a game with something like 97% strike rate....I have a feeling our terrible d is gonna get even worse.
What can I say that already hasn't been said? I waited the whole weekend to watch the Warriors go at it, and all we go was that crap?

Do I say, cool we get the same players who can make amends from yesterday. But they struggle against the Dragons.

I'm really glad that Lane gets a go, why? Well he can prove he wants it more.

Why should Kata and Lisone get another go? I was all for Lisone whilst watching him at the Cake Tin. He looked the goods, and I was really impressed with him, and to me he was one of the stand outs. But last night, it was American Horror Story all over for him. A dear caught in the headlights. Kata is another one who can't tackle when he really needs to. He doesn't know when to pass, and he never passes when Manu's on the team. Seen him do it maybe just the once this year.

I'm struggling to come up with Keep the faith. I'll be watching from 2 for sure on Sunday, hoping for the best but faring for the worst.

Bring Back Ali.
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Why do they keep persisting with Wright when Maumalo must near be the top try scorer in the Intrust Super Premiership?

Why is Fusitua playing Fullback this weekend when he is a winger who the club tried to turn into a centre?

Why is Wells not playing Fullback this weekend when he is clearly a much better option?

Why haven't Lisone and Gubb been given a spell in reserve grade?

Maumalo seems to not be in Cappy's good books.

Fusitua at fb? I think because he's had first grade experience and he's got a bit of size.

Wells.....His day will come.

Lisone and Gubb. Totally agree.

Bring on Lane and Vete or Gavet.
My Team for this weekend...

1. Ivan Cleary
2. Justin Murphy
3. John Carlaw
4. Clinton Toopi
5. Francis Meli
6. Motu Tony
7. Stacey Jones (capt)
8. Jerry Seuseu
9. PJ Marsh
10. Mark Tookey
11. Ali Lauiti'iti
12. Awen Guttenbeil
13. Kevin Campion

14. Lance Hohaia
15. Richard Villasanti
16. Wairangi Koopu
17. Logan Swann


You forgot the most important part...

Coach. Daniel Anderson.
Still no Ali lauititi I'm convinced they have no plans to use him
Don't think there was any intention to use him - remember he was only brought back on a 2nd tier NSW cup contract....the man's winding down his career, bringing his family back home after 10 + years in England.
Rd 6 L 12-32 @ Canberra
Rd 7 W 44-22 v Souths


Rd 3 L 4-28 @ Sharks
Rd 4 W 20-18 v Cowboys

Rd 10 L 6-62 @ Penrith
Rd 11 W 28-12 v Knights

Rd 5 L 6-37 @ Sharks
Rd 6 L 20-21 v Bulldogs (after ME got fired, not a win, but very close)

Rd 24 L 12-46 v Roosters
Rd 25 W 42-0 v Titans

Rd 13 L 4-36 @ Souths
Rd 14 L 21-25 v Roosters (Wright turns a 7 tackle set into a line drop out, shoulda been a win)

We have a storied history of putting in shocking performances (losses by 20+) and coming back home the next week and either winning or going close.

Bounce back factor applies to all teams, but I bet they don’t have as many shameful ones to bounce back from, aye, aye??

Bit of cherry picking, choosing to ignore the late season collapses in ’12 and ’15 as the team was beyond hope and technically still one win outside the 8 atm.

None of this means we will have a successful season, that’s not happening, but which trend will come out on top, always getting boned by the dragons or suckering in the long suffering fans with a bounce back performance?

Warriors by 2.
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I travelled to Wellington for the game. I travelled to Melbourne for the game. Sure I'm gutted at the performance. But I see things differently...

Next 3 games are in front of NZ crowds. They are not table-toppers we're playing, no reason we cannot take 2 points from each one. Get our act together for these and we're inside the eight and a different season ahead.

Let's learn from this debacle, let's get the crowd give the biased, or just plain incompentent reffs what they deserve. They seems to respond to that kind of stuff at Leichart Oval and Brookvale, why not at Mt. Smart, Christchurch and New Plymouth.

I'll be at them all, that's my chosen fate. (Yup, there's probably a medical term for me) I expect to see a huge difference.

Boys, have some pride, get out there and do your job for us!

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