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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Would that be Gavet on the bench? Or Lillyman getting a downgrade..

from all I have seen and heard i believe that Lousi is starting in the front row with Lillyman, Hoffman and Palavi in the back row and Gubb at lock.

but hey, who knows?
I imagine the team will be:

1. David Fusitua
2. Matt Allwood
3. Blake Ayshford
4. Solomone Kata
5. Jonathan Wright
6. Thomas Leuluai
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Jacob Lillyman
9. Jazz Tevaga
10. James Gavet
11. Shaun Lane
12. Ryan Hoffman
13. John Palavi

14. Isaac Luke
15. Charlie Gubb
16. Sione Lousi
17. Toafofoa Sipley

It'd be unfair to ask Sol to play with yet another winger, and no doubt Blake can handle it, so Allwood on the right edge for mine. Palavi will surely start at lock, where he's been playing all season in reserve grade. I think they'll go with Lane on the run on side, given he's been playing big minutes in NSW Cup, so they'll want to push as many minutes out of him as they can. Bit of a toss up between Charlie and James for that starting spot, but I can see them want to keep Gubb in the same role, as an "impact" player from the bench. Super excited for Tof, kid could be our best forward prospect since... well, someone playing reserve grade for the foreseeable future.
Really solid interview from Cap there. Sounds like Konrad's fate at the club will be decided by this week and doesn't sound too goood for him, all signs from that interview point towards him being shown the door.

Interesting that Palavi is starting this weekend with Luke off the bench.
Asked how much longer the Warriors persisted with Hurrell, McFadden was unsure.

"Certainly after this week it is difficult to answer," he said. "I'll be meeting up with Konrad and his manager during the week and we'll have to discuss that because he has a track record and I don't understand it.

"I can't control players and the stupid things they do and that [retweet] is just another one. Again, we'll discuss that during the week. I have a game to prepare for so I need to put the attention on the players that do want to be here."
Hopefully Doyle is sitting in on that meeting as well. If it comes to releasing him get Doyle to play hard ball with his manager who has talked a good game about all of the offers that Hurrell gets well he certainly wasn't getting them last off season when the club shopped him around.

Hopefully Hurrell is in for a big wake up call. He is going to have to do all of the things the Warriors expect of him at any other club.

The tweet was extremely stupid. Looking at his first grade career. What does Hurrell know in terms of what it takes to be an NRL player and what does he know about league coaching? He is coming off as a guy needing to politic behind the scenes to get McFadden axed otherwise he'll need to do some hard work.

The McFadden quote about not being in control of the players and the stupid things they do is why I don't think this is a player revolt like some are reporting. Those guys that had poor games or are struggling to get back into the side might have an issue with the coach. But like Doyle has said since he arrived he expects guys to be professional in everything they do including getting enough rest etc. The coach and CEO can't visit them all at night to see if they are eating correctly and tuck them into bed.
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Here is Cappy's radio live interview with Brendan Telfer.

Telfer pushed Cappy harder than in the ZB interview. His answers were generally the same. Re the impression Koni is a gonner and the having the support of most of players and staff.

He did say he had the support of the key players. He didn't say who Shaun Johnson etc ???

He did make mention of other issues happening within the club. He didn't give any further answer to this.

I have to say good on Cappy and the club for front footing this issue.

Good interview with Hoffy here - backs the coach implicitly, and lays the responsibility for team performance squarely at the feet of the preparation and professionalism of individuals. Read into that what you will...

I am thinking this might be more the reason why we have been so inconsistent.

If players are not looking after themselves e.g. sleeping, eating, rehab then it makes sense that they start flat, or they blow out quicker and are more inclined to make stupid decisions on the field.
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Hurrell can go and make love to himself and leave, think he has cooked his own goose now anyway, with Crappy in charge i can't seem him anywhere near first grade. I was always pretty much in the sack crappy camp but for me now i am glad he made this stance - hopefully he does have the support of the professional and wanting to play guys not the deadwood primadonnas who think they are all that.......................................... :rolleyes: I just hope tomorrow that the team that takes the field does tomorrow gives it their all and shows the other muppets what its like.


The more I think about it, the more I believe the culture problem at the Warriors has been caused through our inability for so long to be able to recruit decent players from across the ditch.
and coaches. There best chance was in 1995 when Dean Bell was one of the best defensive centres in the comp. They could have had Tim Sheens but went for John Monie because he was doing so well in England. That was a bad decision. It has been downhill since then except when they fluked Kevin Campion to lead the forwards.
I think Hurrell will play for the Blues next year. Can't see any clubs offering what he getting now whatever that is. The Blues will pay him $80-$100k a year. The blokes got the brain of a retarded whitebait and an ego the size of an elephant. Probably needs a therapist before a coach.
For once I agree with cappy , Actually really looking forward to this game
an getting to see how the new guys go ?Its About time an I hope it's a lengthy time
in reserve grade for the dicks, I Don't care if we win or lose just want to see progress.
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