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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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This year yet?
Actually Suprised at the team, few points;
-Interested to see how Tui goes in the halves but I fear he's to similar to Johnson and we need a half to direct us.

-Need to see Fusitua string a couple of good games together before I have faith in him, he's generally good for a lazy tackle/dumb mistake or two. Wells not worth a shot?

-Gubbs lucky to be there after last week, I suspect he wouldn't be there if it was being played in Welly.

-Sao will probably come in for Konnie who isn't offering a hell of a lot of late.

-Wright was actually ok last game but don't think anyone will exactly be scared at the prospect of facing him- his attack is extremely limited.

Positive thing is atleast Cappy is doing something after our performance
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While not having the "Tui MUST be in the halves" disposition of a lot of the forum, i was in the "Robbo's rubbish" witch hunt. Tbh the 2 concerns i had with Tui as a half
- lack of a tactical kicking game
- question mark on D if put in the front line
i doubt could be any worse than what we've witnessed with Robson so far.....with the added bonus of someone with a bit of toe, bit of a step, and better hands. Was Robsons organisational game that strong? I didnt think so....and at least this forces Shaun Johnson to be the dominant half and get farking involved.

That said, our pack got ram rooted by Manly last week, you would think the challenge against the Bulldogs behemoths will be even sterner....and if Mutts, Lillypuff and co roll over like they did last week (20 minutes before we even got an attacking set in the opposition 20) wont matter who feck we have in the halves.
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We've never witnessed a Johnson & Lolohea halves partnership before, as mentioned above it's a big test for our forwards this week, if they aim up we'll get to see what a Warriors team looks like with equal threats on both sides of the field, first time since when .... Maloney/Johnson?

I don't mind Bully kicking from dummy half to take pressure of Lolohea
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Good to see Thompson back as he was going well before he got injured.

Robson hasn't been directed around the field like we were hearing through the off season or how the coaching staff would have liked. He has also been leaking points on defense too easily. Even for experienced players there need to be repercussions.

Hopefully Lolohea gets a decent shot at nailing a halves position now and not dropped at the first opportunity. Hopefully we take a leaf out of the Broncos play book at play direct with two faster halves around the ruck who can aim at stepping the bigger guys.

Like others I'd prefer Sao on the bench. Trying to squeeze Hurrell in out of position hasn't worked. Let him put some pressure on from reserve grade and get called up into his normal position if one of the centres lose form or he justifies being called up. Also prefer Sao with the extra size against the Bulldogs pack.

I'd have liked to see Vete in over Gubb as well.

Hopefully Fusitua takes this opportunity as there is a wing spot up for grabs.
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Hopefully this is like 2011 when the swapped hohaia and Locke, or when they took out Seymour and let Johnson play just want a win this weekend boys
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Jordan G

Kicks so far this year

Shaun Johnson 65
Robson 14

Yeah, I'm not really worried about losing Robson's kicking game.
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Could be a bit of coaching by-play but McFadden sounds as confident as Shaun Lane is himself that he'll be playing NRL sooner rather than later, indicating that the pressure is on the incumbents to retain their positions. Made out like all Lane's doing is learning the calls and structures and he's straight in there as soon as he's comfortable.
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Whilst Im happy to see Tui get a run where Ive always wanted him to play I hope Cappy isnt throwing him to the wolves. We'll see how well playing on the wing has helped develop his halves game if it has at all...
my hope is that he at least gets a few weeks to prove what he can do. no use putting him there for this week then have the other TL came into the halves or robson come back in.
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looking like a weak backline defensively and, I dont know if anyone else is thinking this now when they look at our forwards, a physically weak forward pack.

8 Sam Lisone
9 Issac Luke
10 Ben Matulino
11 Bodene Thompson
12 Ryan Hoffman(c)
13 Simon Mannering

15 Jacob Lillyman
16 Charlie Gubb
17 Konrad Hurrell

Noone intimidating or dominant there, not like Graham, Klemmer and Kasiano

Yet every team talks about how physical and big the Warriors pack is lol.

Kasiano monsters our boys even after dropping the off-season kgs.
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Good to see the Tui at 6 / Shaun Johnson at 7 combo. That'll work, esp if they are left in those positions for some time and build up confidence/understanding in each other. We'll need everyone firing on Saturday - those Bulldogs looked pretty good against the Storm last night
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To begin with I was happy with the Robson/Johnson combo in the halves. The theory behind it was reasonable; Robson organising the team around the park and Johnson being freed up and given the ability to chime when he saw an opportunity. Unfortunately this hasn't worked at all, Robson has been horribly out of form and Johnson has used his new found freedom to drift hopelessly in and out of games with very little impact. Of course, their poor form is not helped by our forwards doing a pretty good impression of the worst pack in the NRL and some of the strangest interchange decisions you will see by any team/coach.

Hopefully shifting Johnson back to 7 (apparently the jersey numbers dont matter, except when they do) and partnering him with Lolohea, forces him to become the lead half. Because, make no mistake, that's what Johnson is; a lead half. The team doesn't need there best half (and arguably best player) drifting in and out of games. The team needs Johnson to be involved as much as possible, not touching the ball 1-2 times a set but instead 4, 5, 6 times. Hopefully McFadden and the coaching team have conveyed this to Johnson and removed the uncertainty they created by putting him in the 6 jersey and telling him he was free to become involved when he felt like it. As the lead playmaker he doesn't get that choice, he should be involved all the time.

I don't know how Lolohea will go at 6. He certainly thinks he is a half and appears to be very confident in his ability. His development has been stifled by the club moving him all over the backline (forced or otherwise), instead of being able to refine his skills in NSW Cup. IMO Lolohea would be best served by a less is more mindset because if he tries too hard this could lead to errors. As above, Johnson should be taking the majority of the ball anyway, allowing Lolohea to chime in when needed. I do fear that our forwards may get rolled again, which will severely limit anything the halves can do.
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The ideas Cappy has brought in this week are fine, but they are media/fan driven, clearly. Have an idea for yourself Cappy, or admit you have none.

I'd leave Konrad at home, and replace Tommy with Jazz.

I'd also be tempted to see if Ali has enough. Nothing to lose now. The coach and the team are lost anyway. Worst case, we lose again. Best case (I'm now a Warriors realist, not a fan) we win, and lose next week.
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