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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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But guyzzzz now the spine is unsettled again, we gotta learn combinations all over again!!!111

Seriously though thank god SOMETHING changed. If I never see Robson play first grade again it'll be too soon.

Guessing Sao is cover for Thompson should be not make it? I'd prefer Lane on the bench over Hurrell.

Go Warriors or something, I guess. I dunno.
I think wright is a solid winger, I don't understand the hate he gets, he is a solid worker on defence and is an intelligent player, he is more of a poacher which is what he is used for not breaking gaps left,right and center like lolohea. Solid lineup looking forward to Saturdays game, although I feel like the bulldogs are one of our bogey sides just like manly but we did beat them at the nines if that counts for anything.
My call is Ligi Sao will replace Konnie on game day.

Good call, Sao's got a big motor and had a solid game in NSW Cup and Hurrell's not the super sub McFadden was hoping for, unfortunately for Konnie he doesn't have the footy sense to be playing out of position in the forwards, his marker penalty was a classic example of that the other night. I'd like to think you could give him a run on the wing but ....
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Has he got his wingers the wrong way round? Kata and Wright have played the last couple of games together. Whats the need to change it now? Fusitua and SJ have created a bit of magic in the past, and also playing outside Ashford might help Fusitua? Why change previous combination?

Spot on! I'm scratching my head at that one ... can only think Wright will be partnered with Ayshford for the foreseeable future and Fusitua will drop out when Manu comes back.
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Jordan G

Sao needs to be in there IMO. Wouldn't surprise me if he actually starts on gameday with Mannering shifting out and Thompson moving to the bench if Cappy doesn't feel he's quite ready for 80 minutes.

My only concern with Lolohea is how he defends because he'll be targeted pretty ruthlessly by the Dogs (same with Fusitua most likely). If we get go forward and a few offloads (please let there be support play) that spine can cut up on footwork alone.

My feelings on the game have been upgraded from "meh" to "curious".


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Happy days here we come.
Dogs have a 5 day turn a round and have a flight over.
Good to see the bullet has been bitten.
Konnie will play reserve grade this week. Shit he played it on sunday as well didnt he.
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