Team List NRL 2016 Round 24 - Cowboys vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Warriors just need to capitalise on an out-of-sorts Cowboys side for the win
Cowboys will be pretty charged up. Thurston was ripping shreds off them last week during their game against the Roorters. That would have continued all of this week at training no doubt.

He's actually the key. Thurston. Shut him down and you shut down a big part of their attack. Gotta get in his head like Reynolds did during State of O. JT lost it big time. Unfortunately our boys are too nice for that sort of sledging carry on so I dont have high hopes of it ever happening. Plus we're talking about JT. Teams have been trying to nullify him for over a decade. Also if our forwards let the Cowboys pack run through us like they did the Rabbitohs JT will have all the space in the world to work his magic...
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