Post Match NRL 2016 - Round 20 - Raiders vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Did Cappy utilise the bench properly?

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  • Could have done better

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  • Bench selection was wrong from the start

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3 golden point losses in a row but this was by far the worst performance and probably the end of Cappy's tenure as coach here. There's no way we deserved to take that game to extra time and it would've been a travesty had we won.

Absolute inept shit from Vatuvei, Maumalo, Lisone to name a few. Well deserved loss and we now find ourself 3 losses on the trot and well outside play-off contention but not a side that looks worthy in any case, even in a season when a top 4 side in the Eels are stripped of their points.

Bring on the Pamfers, I suspect it'll be a crushing loss and I expect Cappy to fall on his sword before season's end.
NRL 2016 - Round 20 - Raiders vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
Canberra Raiders 26 vs 22 New Zealand Warriors
GIO Stadium, Canberra


Who was your MoM?
Did Jonathan Wright end up as a late inclusion?
Tuimoala Lolohea end up playing or was it raining?
Simon Mannering get a meat pie?
Manu Vatuvei play?
Shaun Johnson take on the line?
Thomas Leuluai overcall the ball?
Bodene Thompson make the team?
Captain Ryan Hoffman lead from the front?
How was the bench players?
Anyone go to the game? How was the atmosphere?

Dont forget to rate the players...
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We certainly didn't deserve to win but I would have taken it.

After missing out to Manly and now this that is probably the eight out of reach. On the bright side we have taken 2 top 4 sides to golden point and the way we came back in the last 15 minutes was a huge shot in the arm. That was Warriors of old

Unfortunately so was missing tackles when it really mattered and letting tries in

But remembering where the team was a couple of months ago when they last played Canberra I can live with tonight. They worked hard and showed some pride and skills and that was all I asked for when we were struggling

If we can keep getting close to the top teams this season we will be able to build on it for next year


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
was really disappointed in only one player and that was Ben. Standing round, walking with the ball, what has happened to this shit kicker?

Cant see the hate for Manu, he played well with what he was given. Think to many looking through biased eyes. Now he has his 150 might not see him back.

errors - yep plenty of those, made by way to many players. Static plays that are easy to read, yep heaps of those. Excitement, lots of that and plenty of entertainment as well.