General NRL 2016 Round 16 - General Discussion

Which two games are you most looking forward to?

  • Panthers vs Rabbitohs

  • Knights vs Dragons

  • Sharks vs Warriors

  • Bulldogs vs Broncos

  • Titans vs Raiders

  • Storm vs Tigers

  • Cowboys vs Manly

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NRL 2016 Round 16 - General Discussion

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A thread for all 2016 Round 16 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week. A new like this thread will open every Tuesday for team list Tuesday.

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...

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I missed when seeing when Joe Burgess signed with Souths. Hopefully he gets more time with them compared to the Roosters where even with them being poor he wasn't getting any NRL game time.

I presume he's still going back to the UK at the end of the year so this could be the last chance to see how he goes in the NRL.

I know he isn't related but with the last name Burgess he should be comfortable at Souths.;)
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Is it just me or is Sam burgess a shadow of what he was pre yawnion? The stats are still there, but so many penalties & errors. Plus, it doesn't seem like the he's playing with the same old effort and intensity he used to.
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Geez Panthers look good. Good finish to the game.

Last time most Warriors fans heard of Nathan Cleary, he was the young son of Ivan telling his school mates that his family was moving back to Aus which prompted a barrage of rumours about Ivan Cleary and then the subsequent release for him to join the Panthers. Would have been interesting if Ivan had stayed and wonder where Nathan would be in his career.
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Yeah remember reading that in the papers back then. Club and coach deny he is leaving; school kid tells his class mates he won't be there next year.

A lot of debate on this site on the development system here. I remember reading reports that he was a gun player while he was here, but would he be at the level he is now?

Instead of the Panthers having Martin and Cleary coming through it could of been us with Cleary and Hingano. Mind you Cleary may have been hesitant to pick his son which I believe Nathan may have commented on; that he probably wouldn't have been playing first grade if Ivan was still there.

He's often pushing up along side the ball carrier so they have a guy to offload to or it doesn't look to be just a simple hit up.
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Jordan G

Ugh, poor Nathan Davis. Broken ankle for sure. Don't watch the replay if you haven't seen it already (although now that I said that you will).